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Storage Containers For Protein Powder

Hi. im lorie marrero, creator of the clutter diet book and online program, and today i have for you POP three kitchen organizing hacks. Im here in my own kitchen and I wanted to show you a few little things maybe you hadnt thought of before. First, I use a hand blender all the time. I mean, multiple times a day. And so does my family. We make a lot of protein shakes and vitamin powder shakes and things like that. So we want this to be handy by the sink where we can easily use it and rinse it off.

And put it back. and we want it to be plugged in all the time so that were not constantly unplugging it and plugging it back in all day long. Now, I want to show you that this blade detaches for us to clean it just so if youre worried about my safety, then please dont worry. We do take it off to clean it. POP But it is plugged in. And that way we can just put it away. This is on the back of the sink cabinet door. I have a broom holder here believe it or not. This is meant for holding brooms and mops and things.

Like that. you can also use a simple hook or even the mounting hardware that might have come with your hand blender. I know some of the brands actually have that in the package. So I just kind of loop the cord around a little bit to keep it out of the way and I pop it in there and it stays put. I use this clip to keep the cord, you know, extended when were using it and so it doesnt kind of fall down too far. But anyway, thats what I do with the hand blender. So think about what you could put under your kitchen.

Sink cabinet and in the door there and make it handy for you for whatever you need to be more efficient every day. I also want to show you the back of my spice cabinet door. Here Ive used cork tiles, or actually more accurately pieces of cork tiles. I have mounted them here with liquid nails that you can buy at the hardware store. And they go here to just simply give me little notes for recipes and things that I do frequently. You can see Ive got a recipe for poached.

Eggs there that i want to remind myself of frequently. and also i have a substitutions cheat sheet so if I forget how many tablespoons are in a quarter cup, or if I forget what to do if Im out of baking powder, all of those little kitchen cheats are there for me and they are handy right there on the spice cabinet door. So think about where you could put some cork tile to have handy notes for yourself for reference. And then thirdly I wanted to show you how to use all those little extra slivers of wall.

Space to your best advantage. i have some really large kitchen tools, like a potato masher and some aprons that are hanging and they are in the narrowest of spaces in my pantry and I simply just put a nail in the wall and hang those things on the nail. So you can use any little sliver of space for something that you need and just get it out of the way, out of a drawer where it might be cluttering up something else. So see what you think about those and add your own tips to the comments. Well see.

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