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Storage Containers For Leftover Paint

5 Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray Howdini Hacks

Your ice cube trays might already be working overtime keeping you cool, but spare a couple to use in some totally unexpected ways! True coffee addicts can’t afford to dilute that delicious dark nectar with melted ice cubes. Here’s a tip: make coffee ice cubes to keep your iced coffee from getting watered down. Now sit back and enjoy your cup of joe on the rocks. Wondering what to do with leftover fresh herbs? Sprinkle them into ice cube trays,.

Cover with olive oil or broth and freeze. This makes perfectlysized portions that can be tossed in a soup or in a sauté pan! Leftover herbs aren’t the only things worth saving pesto and pasta sauces also deserve a second chance! Freeze and reheat for supereasy, readymade ingredients for dinner, even more delicious the next time around.

Our pesto didn’t come out we think that means it needs to freeze for longer, or we recommend storing pesto in the ice cube trays, wrapped in freezersafe plastic wrap. Now it’s time to take the tray out of the freezer for a clever seed starter! Use a large silicone ice cube tray to give roots room to grow before transplanting to their summer home. Plant seeds individually into soil, water, place in a sunny spot and watch them sprout. Whether you’re crafting with kids or creating your own work of art, an old ice cube tray.

Makes the perfect paint palette. Keep colors well separated and save a few spots for mixing up some original hues of your own. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our channel for more, and tell us your favorite hacks in the comments below. They just might appear in an upcoming Howdini tutorial.

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