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Steel Accommodation Containers

We are a company with many years of experience and within the developed strategy we consistently implement successive stages of development in the adopted vision. We carry out projects for infrastructure:.

Energy, construction, road and rail. Our team consists of more than 350 skilled specialists employed in three manufacturing plants. The annual company turnover is 90 million Polish zlotys. We carry out projects throughout Europe delivering steel structures, .

Acoustic screens and modular buildings for general contractors. We have finalized 300 contracts covering a total of 600,000 square meters of acoustic panels. Annually we are able to produce and deliver 20 thousand tonnes of steel structures and 3,000 individual container modules. Many leaders in the road and construction industry have trusted us.

As part of our business we provide corrosion protection services using hot dip galvanizing. Annually we preserve over 1,000 tonnes of construction using this method. Our team of designers and engineers assure quality services at every stage of the project. Specialized software speeds up the process of preparing documentation, ensuring optimal adjustment of the parameters to your individual needs.

Our development is based on innovation and investment in modern equipment. Our precision in production, professionalism and continuous development of skills have been confirmed by many certificates. Our production capacity constitutes a strong base for ongoing contracts. We have all the facilities that enable involvement in major contracts for energy poles, acoustic screens and steel structures.

We are also open for the needs of others. We created the WELDON KIDS nursery school for families of our employees and other persons seeking alternatives in their child’s education. Over the years of our presence on the market we have obtained regular customers, among which are international concerns and domestic enterprises. Developing export activities we are looking for new challenges, endeavouring to cooperate with our business partners based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

Vitamix Stainless Steel Replacement Container truly BPAfree for Vitamix Hummus Demo

Hi i’m lena mumma English is my second Language. So If you have difficulties to understand me, please press the CC button on the player to read closed captions. In this tutorial I will explain why I switched from this BPA Free Plastic container to this Waring Stainless steel containern made by Waring and I will explain how this stainless steel Waring container fits on the Vitamix bases. I will make a tutorial of hummus recipe in this container.

I tested this waring container for several weeks on the vitamix base and i can definitely say it works, the same as the original plastic Vitamix container I actually even like it more because it has rounded corners, so it’s much easier to remove thick recipe out of the container. This Vitamix container is claimed to be BPA free but this claim is according to the manufacturer of this plastic There are several scientific studies that contradict this claim.

There are u.s. and european studies. studies show that eastman tritan copolyester plastic leaches BPA and other toxic chemicals including Phthalates Vitamix does not make this plastic, this plastic is Eastman Tritan copolyester its not only Vitamix that uses this plastic Blendtec,Ninja and many other BPA Free blenders has the same plastic.

Many people think that it is that not such a big deal if you blend a few minutes In the plastic container but Can you imagine that food is smashing at 300 miles per hour against the plastic walls and I use this blender for several years about once a day and just after normal home use this plastic.

Become as so scratched its like sandpaper f you touch it inside you can even hear how scratched it is look It’s on the bottom and on the sides and if I scratch here it doesn’t make the scratch noise so all that blending smashing against the walls creates micro scratches.

And in this images you can see how scratched it is I made these images using my cell phone and it clearly shows I have the 5200 Vitamix model but the stainless steel container will fit all modern Vitamix bases 750, 300, 6300, 7500, 5000, 5200 Vitamix models so I will demonstrate really quickly that I can turn on and I will do the same to this one there are no modifications.

Because they have identical bottoms it’s a connector which fits into the base and I will show you the blades also almost identical the only difference is that the Vitamix has much higher lid.

This lid goes inside and this one sticks out so the tamper will not fit the stainless steel Waring container because it will touch the blades and will chop the Vitamix tamper unless you want to have extra plastic. LOL then you can use it maybe this way so this way you can tamper I do not recomend you to use the tamper.

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