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Water storage ideas for emergencies AquaTainer water storage containers do they last water storage container ideas ways to store water for emergencies what containers are safe to store drinking water how much water should I store for emergencies.

How to sanitize a water storage container where is a good place to store water for emergencies how to store water for emergencies hi i’ts AlaskaGranny when you get back from a camp out or hunting trip you probably already have a jug or something like that you’ve been using for water when you were at camp when you clean it up to put it away.

Refill it with water and keep in a place it isn’t going to be frozen like a shed in the middle of winter is probably not a good idea but you then will have an extra supply of emergency water why store this empty when you can have it serve your family’s needs in an emergency when you get back from camping.

Clean it as well as you can on the outside dump out all the old water and then re sanitize it put a quart of water with maybe two tablespoons bleach let it soak all around inside drain that out and refill it with fresh water and then put it in place it’s not on cement and not where it is going to freeze and you will have a supply of extra water to help your family in a time of need how to store water for emergencies AquaTainer water jug product review.

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