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Shipping Containers For Sale Toowoomba Qld

Hi mark Skehan here from the Big picture andthanks for tuning in. And before we go any further, I would liketo give this thought. quot;Prescription without diagnosis in the medical industry is malpracticequot; Ok, so let’s get into it, what we are actuallytalking about here to elaborate on my the thought I gave you.is that an accurate diagnosis,prescription and price could never be given over the phone. TV antenna systems can be affected by a multitudeof things, like buildings, trees, landscape, good weather, bad weather plenty of things,so, like the thought, prescription without

diagnosis is malpractice, if you get a diagnosisover the phone, then there is a high possibility that is the issue with your antenna systemis mis diagnosed. Every antenna system, needs to be tested withtest equipment like this. And you as the client deserve the correct diagnosis, so you don’tget a result you didn’t ask for. At the big picture, we test every job, sowhen we come into your home, to fix an antenna issue or install a new antenna, we test firstand then. From that testing we can diagnose what the problem is, and how to fix it, withaccurate costs associated to do so. to add to that.Our guarantee and our 1000 club gives you

extra peace of mind when we come into yourhome, that we will respect your property and get the solution provided. If you don’t know. Our 1000 club is a clubwe formed to acknowledge the technicians who have completed 1000 installs. So they havethe experience to deal with the most complex problems. So I do hope I have given some food for thoughtinto understand why you can’t get an accurate price for repairs or installation over thephone. If you like it, please share it tweet it,hash tag it, pin it and any other social media

platform that you use, but most of all, don’tforget to like us on Facebook while you are there so we can deliver more helpful tipsfor you. Ok, that’s all from me today, see you nexttime. Bye for now.

Refill small propane cylinders Save LPG Tank Bottle

so from time to time we all buy these small disposable onetime use propane cylinders or even these ones for your torch Both of these are empty you’re paying a lot though for the propane that is in these on average you pay somewhere probablyaround fifteen dollars a gallon

just for the propane in this little cylinder if you have put your propane refilled in something like this I just had this one filled two weeks ago i paid two dollars and fifty nine centsper gallon to fill this up. Fifteen dollars a gallon verses two fifty nine a gallon

i think i like 2.59 gallon.For years I have been refilling my propane cylinders useing this little adapter. Now this is notsomething i invented or that i came up with the chinese are not trying to make things to blow us up. this is something that’s actually youbuy from the store made in the U.S.A. and it is a

propane filler coupler and it does work it fills our propanetanks um. it’s completely safe the only thing is you don’t want to do it when propane tank is

eightyfive degrees F or higher because as propane gets hotter it expands it’s higher pressure danger with you know an eighty five degrees this is probably closer to 200psi or something. It getspretty pretty dangerous at that point so

it also don’t want you to put too muchpropane into here. But also i wanted to show you guys that these are you can’t really over fill these by using this method and the reason why is you’re not actually filling it but equalizing the pressure so pressuring here is filling here thepressure in here actually reduces overall

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