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Korea’s hanjin shipping company, which faces insolvency, has nearly finished unloading of *all cargo from its vessels. Hanjin ships and containers had been left stranded for weeks in ports around the world. The Korean government has promised to work with those ports. to finish unloading all remaining ships in a timely manner. Our Kim Minji has this report.

Hanjin shipping has almost completed the unloading of cargo on its vessels. According to the finance ministry,. 94 out of the company’s 97 container ships had completed unloading as of Monday. That represents 378thousand of ‘6thousand twentyfoot equivalent units or TEUs of shipping deals. Of the three vessels that still need to be unloaded,. two are currently seized in Shanghai.

And canada. With that, a total of five of Hanjin’s ships are being held for failing to meet unpaid service fees. Some 770 crew members are still on board various ships as a result,. and currently food and other daily necessities are being supplied to them. The Korean government has vowed to step up cooperation with port authorities around the.

World so the remaining cargo can smoothly be delivered to consignors. To ensure swift unloading, the government has focused on key harbors, and has dispatched 16 substitute vessels for shipments that were to be made by Hanjin. We are also offering support for SMEs and subcontractors that have been hit in order to minimize the impact. Hanjin Shipping slid into courtreceivership late August,. amid an industrywide slump.

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