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Shipping Containers For Rent Scotland

John: alright, this is john kohler with growingyourgreens , today i have another exciting episode for you and this is a visit to a viewers house. I love when I get to go on field trips and visit viewers, that are also growing food. Actually it was really cool to know that Im inspiring many people out there and maybe even you guys out there and that people are growing food because of me. But not only that I love visiting viewers houses to see what everybodys doing, because everybody might not grow exactly like I do. What I do works.

For me, but theres many ways to grow food, and at this homeowners place, well theyre not growing in their front yard, actually this is the best side of the house to actually get sunlight but the problem with the front yard is that they have a few trees here that they dont wanna cut down. So Id probably encourage them to at least hack down one of the trees to grow some crops in the place where its gonna get the most sun. So what theyre doing instead is growing in the backyard and uh you know, if youre a homeowner.

Generally you dont have a problem building raised beds and you know putting in and making improvements to your land to do what you want with your property and you know they didnt necessarily wanna do that here so actually theyre growing in all containers which is quite a unique thing. Now whether youre renting or owning you can always grow in containers theyre easily moveable and you know they have a few reasons for doing this so what were gonna do next is actually head into the backyard and show you guys whats growing.

On in this viewers house. Now were inside the backyard and here is the garden you can see behind me and literally all it is, its in 15 gallon containers and you know its on top of pallets and this cool structure for a trellis. Now you might be asking yourself John, why would homeowners have a garden like this, its just in pots. Well theres a few good reasons for that, number 1: say its May and you should have had your plants in already, and you wanna.

Grow a garden but you dont have to like start building the raised beds, constructing them, screwing, drilling, sawing. Then you gotta worry about filling them up and you know you might have to make one too big and it might not be just the right area that you want cause the sun might not hit it properly or whatever. So what they came up with, as a solution is this! Theyve literally got 15gallon pots and filled it up with soil cause each pot can be moved to where the sun is if they needed to. They put it on top of.

Pallets so that you know the grass wouldnt grow up through and the roots wouldnt grow down into the grass. And so they could also move the pallets and they get it off the ground to you know uh resist the insects, the slugs and snails, which are pretty prevalent in this garden. They say they havent had any damage to their plants because its off the ground, and in pots, which is really cool. And so and theyre growing a lot of stuff. So what were gonna do next is actually show you guys just some of the things that.

Are growing. its pretty much the end of the summer season, theyve still got a few things hanging on, but mostly were gearing up towards the fall and winter garden. And here in Northern California, you can definitely grow yearround. And you wanna grow your greens, just like my channel name growingyourgreens! You wanna grow your greens in the wintertime; you can easily grow greens all throughout the winter here in Northern California. So lets take a look at a few of the summer crops that are hanging on and all the winter.

Greens and varieties, a few ive never seen before thats happening in this backyard. Alright, I know you might be thinking, John, whats that crazy structure here that theyve got happening? Well this is a unique trellising system that they came up with. You know its basically a fairly inexpensive, and once again disassembleable and moveable system, just in case they wish to do something later with it. Theyre basically using some standard, construction grade 2x4s nothing special. Theyve got a couple Simpson strongties.

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