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Shipping Containers East London


What’s Good Shoreditch! Shoreditch East London it’s hipster central and undoubtably one of the most urban, fashionable and hyped areas in the city. Often times compared to Brooklyn New York. We love the energy in Shoreditch and want to show you guys our favourite spots. If visiting or if you are a local, follow this itinerary for hell of a good time. First things first, we need to eat some breakfast. So we are going to go to one of our favourite spots Trade!.

Trade has really, really, really, really ridiculously good food. First up, you need to start your day with a banging breaky. Hit up Trade, just south of Shoreditch. I went with the Sourdough toast with smashed avocado. And inside the smashed avocado, you got a little bit of feta cheese, lime, chilli, cilantro, basil with two poached eggs. Food heaven, three sorts of cheese meet chorizo meet pesto and olive oil. Insane food, amazing coffee and a beautiful outside patio for breakfast in the sun.

Trade is definitely What’s Good! Now your bellies are full. Time to crush some 10:00am beers. Why? because you in London, FAM! There is never a bad time for a cheeky pint. Head over to the Culpepper rooftop garden, it’s a hidden gem. Culpepper Rooftop What’s Good! Shoreditch fashion scene is on point.

Lots of global fashion trends were invented here and this is where you will find nextest level styles. There are tons of unique boutiques and urban fashion shops so bring enough time and muuulllaaaaa. It ain’t easy to look this breezy!!! You can’t come to Shoreditch without getting cultured leave it. Almost every day a new piece of street art pops up in Shoreditch. From street signs, sticker art and famous graffiti, artists such as Banksy, Thierry Noir and Ben Eine have their work on display.

You’ve been walking for a while now, time to chill. Head over to the Ace Hotel to grab a coffee, snack, cocktail, a babe’s phone number or whip out that laptop to fire off some emails. Welcome to Boxpark. This place is build on shipping containers, which they have turned into pop up shops, restaurants and bars. And you can see, there are some people just hanging out right now, drinking some beers, getting some food.

We are going to go and check out Home, which is pure vegan deliciousness. So by the way, we are not vegetarian or vegan but the food here is so delicious and taste so much like real meat and fish, we come here all the time. Banging Banging! Need some time for relaxia? Why not go for a unique movie experience. Electric Cinema is a special beast. Their individual couches are MEGA comfy and they also serve food and drinks right at your.

Seats. Need we say more? Super comfy couches, sofas, drinks, food and watching movies like a boss Listen, listen, listen. Beer rules everything around here. Head over to the Owl and Pussycat for another cheeky pint. It’s a dope hangout, and represents a cool, but traditional pub in East London. The Owl Pussycat in Shoreditch is definitely What’s Good.

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