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Top 5 Ways to Save Water when Container Gardening

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens . We have another exciting episode for you. What I’m going to do today for you guys is the top five ways to save water in your container garden. I always encourage you guys to grow in raised beds and that’s what I do in the majority of my plates here to grow food because the larger volume of soil, the more forgiving the soil is, the more it’s connected with the earth, the better it’s going to be in my opinion. Of course, growing in containers is an option for some so you don’t have a space where you could have raised beds or grow in; connected to the earth to the ground. Then you’re going.

To grow in containers. I still grow in some containers in my greenhouses and I have some on the patio, over the walkway where I really couldn’t grow anything. Containers are always going to be in our lives. There’s a big movement in container gardening for people that live in apartments, or condos or whatever, even if you just have potted plants around. This is the tutorial you’re going to want to watch to share my five top tips to save water. Without further ado so let’s get into that. First, I want to talk about why is water conservation so important in this day and age. Groundwater, or clean drinking water, not salt water, is getting more scarce and scarce. They’re pumping oil out of the ground at alarming rates and.

We’re at peak oil, if you know what that is. We’re at also peak water in my opinion. They’re pumping water out of the ground so fast, we’re using it so fast in agriculture and putting it in bottles and shipping it around that we’re losing water that has taken thousands of years to accumulate in the earth in its pure and unrefined state. In places like California, in places like Texas, southern states and the desert states, they’ve been in a drought and they’ve been on water conversation so that’s why I’m making this tutorial for you guys. I want you guys to really pay attention to the water you use. Try to use only as much.

As you need and don’t overuse it. One of the things I’ve been noticing is that I’ve been wasting some water. I don’t want to say that I feel guilty about it but I do feel guilty. Plus the water that I buy is not rain catchment water. I do catch some rain water but the majority of what I use is filtered city water. I pay for that and when it’s washing down, not into my plants, when it’s washing down out of my pots onto the ground to just evaporate, it’s not doing anybody any good except maybe increasing the moisture level here in the desert laughs. That’s why I’m making this tutorial for you guys so let’s get right into it I guess without.

Further ado. The first way to save water if you’re growing in containers is to get smart. Well some containers are smarter than others, but get smart containers or containers that hold their own water. Here I have some fine examples, right here. I think it’s the aqueous and oasis or vice versa, I’ll put a link down below in the tutorial. These are commercial grade planters. The soil only goes down to this half and the bottom half is all water so lately it’s been raining a lot and actually these guys have been filling up too much. I’ve been having to drain out the water with a hose and then I’ll water my other plants with it because the water level is getting too high. There are outlet.

Holes to let some of the excess water drain out if it does get too high but I think that was plugged so I had to start draining some water out of it. So that’s really smart. These are industrial sized units and they cost a pretty penny; I think over $150 each. You might not want to get those, but what I will show you are some less expensive ones that store their own water. One of the best ones is right here, and this is called the Aqua Camel. There’s no label on it, but this is basically what this is in a smaller, homeowner format. See on the bottom it says Aqua Camel if you guys could read that. Basically what this is just a pot within a pot. There’s an outer pot here and then there’s in inner pot.

And it’s hollow in the middle because in this middle part is a space for filling up the water. You take out this little plug here which.wow it has a spider in it I don’t know how that got in here.you fill up the water here and it fills up this reservoir between the two walls which fills with so this could keep for several weeks without watering. There’s a small hole in the bottom that the water will percolate through as the soil and the plant roots pull it up. That’s really cool. Now, this is a handsoff system that stores the most water. This way you’re never going to over water because you’re only going to.

Implementing Components an Entrepreneurship Youth Competition Course

Sometimes you have to radically disconnect yourself from standard ideas humanity’s dream of flight is probably as old as humanity itself until about eighteen hundred ninety all attempts at flying were based on observing a bird’s flight and inferring structures that imitated it i.e. moving wings however the breakthrough in flying occurred in an entirely different manner with static wings it was a static wing structure that was either pulled by.

Propellers or later pushed by turbines let’s try an analogy the mainstream idea is that a company consists of buildings work stations, employees, rooms this requires organization and management let’s take away this concept of company from our minds for a moment we can approach the subject of founding a company.

In a very different manner the question we must ask ourselves is what kind of new combination can i create using the abundance of components that already exist today the decisive work takes place in our mind the task is to find new combinations or more efficient procedures using the building blocks that are at our disposal you have a large number of puzzle pieces and the chance to use them to design a new.

Puzzle a puzzle that unlocks economic perspectives for you the company we are talking about here consists of the intellectual skill of tailoring external components to match one concept what remains after that is the managerial task of coordinating those components under the technological and organizational circumstances that already exist today it has been possible to conceive a company virtually for a long time this will clearly continue to be the case in the future.

The age old question is what do i need to start a company and organize it the new question is what type of new combinations can i put together using existing components a concrete example for this is delivered by the company components of ratiodrink apple juice concentrate is procured from the producer and placed into a.

Three liter bag in a box storage container at a filling facility call center takes orders all accounting is handled by Projektwerkstatt even shipping is outsourced the components named here are performed by professional companies and service providers in this type of model the entrepreneur’s task is firstly to conceive a concept that can be composed from components secondly to find the right partners who off of those components and thirdly to coordinate and control the interaction between the components.

There are obvious advantages by starting a business using components this requires almost no personal investment nearly no fixed costs variable costs are only incurred for turnover that is actually realized high cost savings compared to established competitors professional highly efficient virtual.

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