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Shipping Container Homes Planning Permission Uk

In this clip we’re going to look at whether you need building regulations approval for extensions.

These are not the same as conservatories and conservatories are covered in a different clip. We’ve all watched.

Programs about extension horror stories and the one thing that they invariably have in common is that the owner of the.

Building chose not to work with building control. In fact you don’t have a choice about this. It is a statutory requirement.

And you’re legally obliged to. this is to protect you your family and anyone who might be affected by your extension and.

It can also protect your wallet. There’s no such thing as permitted development for building control. There.

Are some exemptions for porches and conservatories under 30 square meters but there are lots of caveat which our.

Other film covers. almost all extensions no matter how small need building control approval if you have a solid.

La nouvelle vie du Sri Lanka 2016

On the high seas Hello. Welcome to the Indian Ocean, and an island that was an essential stopoff on the spice route. What used to be called Ceylon.

Became sri lanka upon independence. After a long civil war, Sri Lanka is home to new horizons and littleknown territories that we’ll be showing you this evening, as we sail along a coastline.

That’s just waiting to be explored. Sri Lanka sits in the Indian Ocean. For centuries, the sea has fed the people of this beautiful island. But the sea means hard work. Many fishermen.

Hope for a better future for their children. That may be possible, thanks to Pierre Pringiers’ project. His aim is to develop sailing and make the sea a source of pleasure. They’ve never sailed before! It’s great!.

Sri lanka is shaped like a tear drop, south of India. It used to be known as Ceylon, because of its tea. The economy still depends on the plant. The land is what counts.

For 30 years, the sri lankans tore each other apart in a civil war that pitted the Sinhalese Buddhists against an independence movement in the Hindu Tamil minority. Since peace, in 2009, the whole country has opened up.

Archaeologists have been able to explore a forgotten past. There’s a big Ganesh and a smaller one, broken in two. There’s history everywhere. There are numerous temples and archaeological sites designated UNESCO world heritage. The country.

Is home to amazing biodiversity and some of the world’s biggest mammals, on land and sea. But cohabitation can be difficult. This scientist is fighting to save a species. There it is!.

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