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Shipping Container School Transforming The Lives Of Mumbais Street Kids

MANISH JOSHI: All these kids who are residing on these signals, we wanted to give them aformal education below this massive flyover. COMM: In Mumbai, a new initiative for disadvantaged children has been started a collaborationbetween the Thane Municipal Corporation and the NGO Samarth Bharat Vyaspith. MANISH JOSHI: It’s a school which is situated on a signal. It’s a national highway. Carsstop at the signals and every year, every day we used to see many kids, obviously belowpoverty line along with their parents, some

of them begging and some of them doing verysmall businesses. COMM: Many of these families migrated to the city from droughtprone agricultural areasand have struggled to integrate with society. COMM: As result many of the children have never had any formal education. MANISH JOSHI: We started the Signal School in a fairly wellmaintained container belowthis massive flyover. COMM: The school has been working hard to

help the children in many different aspects of their lives. COMM: As well as food, the children are also washed and given clean uniforms to wear each day. COMM: 12yearold Vishal is one of the 22 children attending the school. He lives aloneunder the flyover after his mother died and his father went to prison. COMM: The school is now hoping to increase its reach to other families living in similarconditions.

MANISH JOSHI: We want to increase the scope of this school. So, we intent to employ vehiclesso that we can transfer these kids into this school. MANISH JOSHI: Gradually we began to see changes in these kids. Changes both in terms of behaviouralchanges, changes in terms of their liking for the school. So, the kids have startedconvincing their parents that you also should take some sort of an education; you also shouldlead a stable life. Because it’s only when their parents are stable, then only the kidswill be stable. SANJEEV JAISWAL: The general excitement amongst

the children is really worth seeing. Thatsmile on the face and the glow in the eyes is something which is very touching.

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