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Shipping Container Homes Boise

Manufacturing buildblock icfs is the first part of the process. Today we will talk about how we make sure the forms arrive safely and ready for your project. When manufactured the ICF blocks are closely inspected to ensure they meet.

Strict quality standards. they are then interlocked together, stacked in bundles, and packaged for storage and transport. These ICF blocks are now ready for use in your project. All BuildBlock ICFs are sold in bundles. This makes it convenient to.

Package and safely transport. most all BuildBlock ICF bundles are packaged in 4 foot cubes. BuildBlock prefers to ship all products in an enclosed 53foot dry van semi trailer with swing doors. This ensures the blocks and accessories.

Are protected from the elements and wind during shipping. At the manufacturing plant the staff will load approved forms of transportation such as flatbed trailers and dry vans. Other equipment is not recommended and is subject to plant.

Approval. stock trailers and step deck equipment are not allowed. Bundles are loaded and stacked 2 tall by 2 wide. This leaves additional space to fit some smaller accessories such as waterproofing, window bucking, Forma Drain,.

And foam to foam adhesive. each of these accessories are recommended and can make your ICF installation seamless and worry free. After the trailer is completely loaded and the shipment is verified, it’s off to your project site.

Buildblock highly recommends transporting bundles of forms in an enclosed trailer. If using an open trailer, position forms so that the wind will not cause damage to the blocks and carefully position strapping to avoid.

Damaging forms. cover the load with a tarp if at all possible. BuildBlock ICFs are expertly designed with many unique benefits to save you time and money on your project. One of the most visible, the oneinch.

Couple Transforms Old Campervan Into Cozy Home on Wheels Van Life

What inspired us to move into our van was basically the ultimate freedom of being able to travel and explore North America while taking the comforts of home with us. We loved the idea of being able to wake up in new places whenever we wanted. And also, it was just affordable. Yeah, it really allowed us to explore the entire country and find a place where we wanted to kind of settle down and raise a family and it also just allowed us time to make tutorials,.

Do our art, and really just change our lifestyle so that we were actually living in the moment. Our van is a Ford E350 El Dorado Encore campervan conversion. And we call it the Wander Wagon. We love it so much and it has so many things that we were looking for. It took us a while to find, but it is the perfect van for us. Our van cost us $3,800 which we thought was a great deal.

It was mechanically sound which is what we were looking for. And basically it just needed a whole bunch of cosmetic work. And putting in that cosmetic work was about.several thousand dollars. The reason why we chose the Wander Wagon: One was because we were looking for a mechanically sound van that we knew was going to be able to hopefully take us across the country.

And one that was affordable, which we found. And then we also just love the unique features of this van. The skylight windows let in a lot of natural light. There is a shower and a toilet. And it also has an oven which is super cool. We were of course looking for a stove top but an oven was an extra bonus.

Yeah, and me being 6’2, i can almost stand up straight inside the entire van. Because of the way it’s built, it has a raised middle roof. It was really nice being able to be tall and comfortable in your van. When we bought the Wander Wagon it was in pretty bad shape. The inside coach area was disgusting. There was silicone all over the windows, mould, mildew.it was a mess inside.

It took us about 5 months to officially waterproof everything. It was a long process of searching for, and fixing, and learning how to fix all the leaks that we found. And then after that, we did a really intense month of renovating the inside. Yeah, so we basically built all the furniture in here, it’s all customized. Our dinette chairs open for storage.

Our bed opens for storage, and slides out to a nearly queensized bed. And it’s really everything in here, cosmetically, we did. The carpeting, the flooring, the ceiling all redone by us. With help of course. Over here is our generator. This is actually a huge, huge help when our solar panels are just not really putting the.

Power that we want, and it’s not sunny, we can just put on the generator and we’ll have some power. And then on our back, is actually a really awesome thing that we got for this trip: it’s our scooter! We love it. We can take it everywhere, it gets such good gas mileage.

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