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Shipping Container Conversion Kit

This is john kohler with growingyourgreens and i have a special announcement for you guys! Until May 25th at midnight, Im offering some tshirts for you guys, Growing Your Greens official tshirts, limited time only. I dont know if Ill ever be back again because Im not in the business of selling tshirts. Im here to teach you guys about how to grow your own food. But anyways, you could help me out so that I could buy a farm with my girlfriend, and you guys get a tshirt at the same time. 100% recycled, 100% Made.

In america. they fit me great. thats why i selected them. ive had this same brand tshirts for over 2 years now, and they wear really well and wash really well and dont rip and all this other kind of stuff. They hold up really well. Thats why Im offering them. Yeah, click over right here to get yours today! Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens ! Today we have another exciting episode for you. And Im still visiting my girlfriend here. And something really cool happened.

Its going to benefit all you guys and everybody out there watching this tutorial, is my girlfriends roommate, they live in a house here, wants to get a garden! So I said hey Ill donate all my labor, you got to pay for the materials and I can make a tutorial to share with others how you guys could do it too! So literally I was dropped here and I dont, I havent researched like places to get the compost and where to build the raised bed and all these different things. And so Im going to make it happen in just two days. And today.

Is the second day. yesterday was the first day, the first day i, you know, did a lot of research, went online, called places up, talked to them about soil and, and then, and then I figured out where Im going to get the stuff. Then I drove around to where Im going to buy the stuff. Bought the stuff, brought it all back and now were just going to go ahead and assemble it and set up this raised bed garden with no tools! Because I dont got no tools. So I want to show you guys that you guys can grow a garden without.

Tools. Now were not going to set this garden up in the front yard. As you guys could see its a nicely manicured lawn with two nice trees, lots of shade. And, you know, shade is not necessarily the best place to set up a garden. They do have some side area that maybe doesnt get the shade. But also, you know, many home owners associations nowadays have restrictions on what you can and cant do in the front yard. And I think that really personally sucks.

Dont move into a place that has a hoa where you cant, you know, plant what you guys want to plant. And if you already live there, then youre going to do what Im doing today, is grow in the back yard. Also in many cases growing in the back yards a lot safer because youre not going to have random people passing by stealing your crops. And also some of the exhaust fumes of the cars driving by, you know, getting on your plants, if youre super paranoid.

Anyways, for those and other reasons, were going to go ahead and grow the garden in the back yard today. Its also a lot more convenient to get in and out from the kitchen. So yeah, lets go and head into the back yard and show you guys the back yard. And share with you guys what were going to do and how easy it is to grow your own food at home. So now Im in the back yard and it actually looks pretty huge on the tutorial, right. Well its as big as a foot ball field! Well, maybe not quite. You could probably play some.

Volleyball. its definitely big enough for a couple volleyball courts maybe and badminton courts. I dont know if its big enough for soccer. Or baseball or anything like that. But its a really nice size back yard. And unfortunately this time its kind of, in my opinion, being wasted. Theres a lawn that she has to get the mower guy to come in and mow. And it really doesnt serve her because she doesnt have kids and all this kind of stuff. And yeah its not really doing much aside from just growing and maintenance.

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