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Pre Built Shipping Container Homes For Sale

Portable Mobile Shipping Container Homes with Elegant Finish

HalfProduced Portable Container Cabin Outside elegant finish with many color options to suit your preference and taste requirement. Can be used as single room for private or combo units together to acquire large open space. Modular design makes they easy to expand in horizontal and vertical direction. Prebuilt wire and pipes for power and water supply in walls. Distributor, sockets, switchs, led lights are all installed and in integrated. This is the indoor stairs part for 2 storey portable building. Parts of walls are removed for large space, special designed connection components will keep the gap sealed, so waterproof and isolation can be guaranteed.

This is another part of indoor spiral stairs first floor. Doors and windows are preinstalled within walls, floor has been taken good care of with special moistureproof treatment. CMCOSTEEL, Quality you can trust.

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