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Plans To Build A Shipping Crate

I finally finished building this crazy pantorouter demo machine and now I gotta ship it, But because I spent so much time on that machine, I haven’t had time to build much else. So in this tutorial, I’m just gonna build a shipping crate for it. And, I’ve already cut the plywood for this thing. But, because this stuff.

Is only about 1 centimeter thick, i’m gonna reinforce it in the corners with this, which is just a 2 by 6 that I ripped into strips. Now, these strips will reinforce the edges like this, and just to make it sturdy, I’m gonna join the corners, with box joints.

I cut the box joint with my trusty old box joint jig. And, to make it go faster, I stacked 2 blades in the saw, so I get a wider curve. And, I worked out, where on the gear, I have to make the second cut, which is where this piece of take is, so let’s get cutting.

The meeting pieces need to be 1/4 inch offset and since I do two turns of this gear for each finger, I’m just gonna start this one one turn offset. Because my work bench is presently occupied, I’m gonna do this glueup on the table saw.

The frame’s attach to the side panels, like this, except to attach it, I have to flip it upsidedown. The bottom overhangs the sides a bit here, and I don’t want it getting caught on that edge, so I’ll bevel that, and I think that’s easiest while I still have it up on the table saw.

To help position the lid, i’m gonna put this cleat on the inside of the lid, like this. Now, I’m gonna put another cleat on the other side of the lid. But, how to line that up? I can’t really do that from the inside. So, I thought of a trick. I’m using a pair of wedges.

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