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How Much Is It To Build A Shipping Container House

Soda Bottle Watering System For Growing Plants In Containers

We grow peppers and eggplant in these half barrels and it works really well except in the summer when it gets hot and dry.It takes a long time if you’re running a sprinkler to get these things to get enough water and because i drilled drainage holes in the bottom, i should have what time about 4 inches from the bottom on the side of barrel, i’ve mentioned that before.So i was looking different watering systems and donald over on webcajun did a tutorial on how he waters his plants using a piece of pvc pipe and he mentioned he got the idea from a guy.

Named jeff over at bologna ringranch and i watched both tutorials and this is my version for watering these half barrels.First remove the cap from a 2 liter soda bottle then take a flat screwdriver and stick under the collar that remains on the bottleneck and twist it till it snaps off.Then take the soda bottle stick it upside down in a vice and take a 2 inch hole saw and cut a hole in the bottom, start with the side going forward until the drill bit goes through the.

Bottle and then put it in reverse to finish the hole.Take some 1 inch pvc and cut it into 12 inch long pieces, stick one end of it in the vice, then take a heat gun and shoot it down through the center of the pipe.I’m going to let the tutorial run here in full time because it doesn’t take that long to soften the pipe, just so you get an idea of how long it takes to soften the pipe with the heat gun on high.When the.

Pipe is soft enough use two hands push down firmly on the bottle and screw the bottle into the pipe until the whole neck of the bottle is seated in the pipe and then let it cool.You can’t push on the bottle to put these into the dirt it will either crush the bottle or separate it from the pipe so take another piece of pipe make a hole part of the distance you want the thing in the dirt, if you want it 9 inches on the ground push a piece of.

Pipe 6 inches into the ground first then insert the bottle and take the other piece of pipe slide it inside the bottle and use that to push it 3 more inches into the dirt and then fill it with water.The first time i used them about a third to about a quarter of the water drained out between a half an hour and an hour it took over night for the rest of the water to drain out of the bottles.I don’t know how they’d work just stuck into the ground in a regular garden but it might.


Hi guys! in today’s tutorial i’m going to show you a quickly diy on how to make your own eos refill but this time using crayons! please subscribe for more tutorials like this and i hope you like it! in my last tutorial a lot of you were asking me how i removed the divider i used a pointy knife and its super simple.You are going to stick the knife into this little wedge that is around the lip balm and eventually it will pop right out now that you have the divider clean you just going got screw in the divider to the top or the cap of you eos.

I always see this on pinterest and i wanted to try to make my own crayon lipsticks for this i used 1 12 pink crayon, coconut oil and some chapstick the reason why i used chapstick is that if you only use coconut oil it will melt and the solution for that is too add wax to your mix.Take your eos and fill it up pass the divider.Place this in the freezer for half an hour and now as you can see it’s perfect, it looks like a real eos!.

How to Make Planters From Soda Bottles At Home With P Allen Smith

Today, my friend mitchell is gonna show you how to make some pretty cool planters out of soda bottles and a mop handle.Wait, what i was online and i saw these great planters for outside.They were $92.Immediately i thought, not only can i made that, but i have everything in my house right now to do so.And you do too, so i’m gonna show you how.I think i might have found this mop it might of come with my house when i bought it.You can probably find one in your garage or your neighbor’s or at least maybe at your.

Grandmother’s house.I know that you can buy them at the dollar store for like a dollar.Now i’m using this mop handle because it’s hallow.This will provide drainage for our planter.I’m turning it over to the bottom of the handle because that’s the big hallow side.This smaller side will be easier to spike into the ground when we’re done.So this is pretty close.I am using a razor knife.Try to be careful.I do wanna get just the top of this bottle off.This is regular old duct tape and it will last forever.So if.

You cut little slits, you have more control around the curve.So i’m gonna put my hot glue right here, just a little bit.And i’m gonna stick this on.This is where i choose to do my most shallow point, and then we’ll pick this off.I would advise not eyeballing this part.In this bottom, we’re gonna put rocks, then we’re gonna put potting soil, then we’re gonna put the plant.So i don’t wanna make this too far down at the bottom.So i’m gonna go about, keeping in mind what all is gonna be in here, i’m gonna make my.

Short part right here.And the tall part, i can make as tall as i want.I think it’ll look the best if i get right under this curve.Okay, so i just put a little hole right there to start, but i’m gonna cut it out with my kitchen scissors.I’m gonna cut above where my line is so i can just get this top part off.Then we can go in to the details.And we’ll know if that’s not right when we paint it.And now it’s time to paint my favorite.

Part.I’m painting this pink because it goes with my friend’s house.We’re gonna stick this in my friend’s yard because i care about her and like to make her presents.It’s better to do, always, light coats, a bunch of them, then one big heavy coat that drips.This is already metal, and this paint is ultra coverage.But really, with spray paint, you can get it for $0.99 a can and have whatever color of anything you want.I do not mind getting paint on my hands.But if you do, you can use little rubber gloves.And we’re gonna.

Let this sit for a minute, and i’ll probably go over it again.It’s only gonna take a minute to dry and then we’ll come back and do another coat.Now see this, there was a second where that black was showing through but we hit it with one more coat and now it’s not.You know what’s gonna be fun, i thought of using a couple of these for a little detailing around this.And all i have to do is hit real quick with the glue gun, just a tiny, tiny bit.

The glue can just be one bead running down like this.And then wrapping the twine.So i really like how this detailing of the mop rope turned out.It’s all dry and i think ready to plant.This is my favorite part.Okay, i’m gonna loosen these roots up just like i was taught, and i’m gonna pull off a little bit of this on the bottom.Put this in right in there.Look at that.I’m gonna add a little water to these in a second.And we’re ready to enjoy them.Remember, these were $93 online, and we just made them for.

The incredible unfolding home a film about illys Push Button House tutorial

Music playing adam kalkin at the end, i want to close this thing.So you guys can maybe i’ll trap some of you guys in it.Because it’s pretty cool this has room for people adam kalkin yeah, you can definitely get some people in it.Really adam kalkin yeah.The basic shell is like a container, like a recycled container.We were originally going to bring the first push button house into the building, but they were having a lot of trouble andrea illy because of the size.

Adam kalkin because of the size.When did you debut the push button house for illy is this the debut adam kalkin i took the one from art basel, and redid it.And shipped it to the venice biennale.Then we were going to bring it back here and we realized that there’s a huge elevator, but the door coming out of the elevator is like so we couldn’t actually get it in the building.Adam kalkin we designed it specifically for this space.So it does open and close.I’m adam.

James rosenquist adam what adam kalkin kalkin.James rosenquist hi, adam.Adam kalkin adam kalkin.Hi.Francis ford coppola i’ve been long interested in shipping containers as alternate dwellings.But this is amazing.Adam kalkin thank you.Drew nieporent so you actually press a button adam kalkin you do press drew nieporent and the whole thing opens adam kalkin you do press a button.The button is well hidden due to the public nature of this.And the potential people running around with a push button could be a little volatile.

Adam kalkin how high is that shit off the ground 34 34 inches.That’s like an additional actuator inside or something.Adam kalkin you know.I know, i know, i know.Adam kalkin you can build up the floor like three inches and then that’s it for the build out.Here’s a project in salt lake city, that’s kind of vertical, apartment buildings.And here are some other of these push button house concepts, which some of them are really good.This one’s really good.This one’s really good.These are three variants on the idea, all.

Of which are good.Yeah, here’s some good shit.This is the house that we’re building in bedford, new york, which is like three quick houses put together.That’s pretty good.Inaudible said that they’re going to fax back the engagement.Rita ok.Adam kalkin so.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita.Rita yes.He’s too strange.But you gotta love him, you know.Adam kalkin ultimately architecture has to capture life.So i think it needs to be open to all the processes of life, which goes back to the choreography that’s implied in.

The push button houses.Because they’re literally in movable pieces.Not are they only mobile themselves, but the pieces themselves move.It’s really nice if architecture can incorporate some of that impulsiveness and some of the temporality and impromptu quality of being alive.Hammering metal falling sawing and hammering there is no metal in there.No metal not in there.Fuck, yeah, there is.I saw the last one in 2005 in miami during the december art basel.And that was the beginning of our beautiful relationship.Adam kalkin hey, dudes.

morning.How you doing, sir adam kalkin hey, how’s it going, man good to see you, bro.That’s the old school way.This is the new school way.Adam kalkin all right, how’s it going here this is looking good.It’s coming.Adam kalkin yeah.’cause i’d like to use these potentially for lighting.That’s expensive.Adam kalkin hey, you know what might be good like those chemical lights.They’ve got like a limited lifespan.You crack them open.Kids use them sometimes.Oh like the.

Yeah.Adam kalkin yeah.Certainly low tech.Adam kalkin well it’s high tech, low tech.Never say low tech, please.Oh.Laughs sorry.Adam kalkin i don’t worry too much, or if i do worry, then i just make some shit.And then i don’t worry anymore.You have some anxiety or worry or whatever about something, and then you transfer that into some kind of constructive or productive kind of output.It’s a repurposing of a neurosis you could call art making.Ok.You’re at 25, 50, 105, 130, 140.

4,000 ish.Quill hyde that is 8,000 pounds.So we’re good.That’s all we needed to know.Yeah.Fuck, yeah, motherfucker.All right.I didn’t really know about adam until i but once i heard his name, i looked him up and obviously was intrigued.Adam has much more of a designasyougo sort of philosophy, whereas before i could do anything, i like to have everything completely thought out.Adam kalkin you don’t want to have the feeling like you’re staring at some kind of thing that someone’s worked over with a pencil and eraser for seven hours.

Before i did architecture, i was a painter.I was like a painter, but i couldn’t get whatever.I just couldn’t to get it to work for me.When you’re a painter, you’re like in a studio.The whole thing is like totally isolated, and you want to be in the world and doing shit.This is much harder because you got to whatever.You just deal with a lot of people, money.It’s just like making painting times 1,000.And plus you can also make much more scary shit.All right.

So is that it background chatter yeah, yeah.Just go back to the parking garage.And you’ll see this giant loading dock entrance right there.What are you guys doing over here adam kalkin push button house.Huh what’s that adam kalkin you press a button and a house opens.Myra fiori it’s a shipping container ok.Myra fiori made into a house.And you push the button, and the shipping container opens and you have a fully furnished adam kalkin six room house myra fiorigorgeous house.

so you can ship this house anywhere adam kalkin that’s right.Myra fiori yes.I’ll take that house.Adam kalkin jesus christ.Laughing straight out.Bring it out.Hold on boys.Man on a ladder.Man on a ladder.Adam kalkin i don’t know that much about brands, and corporate think is total anathema to me.But i do think, in certain cases where corporations or companies are driven by an individual’s vision, that there are possible parallels between the way an artist works and the way a business can work.

Myra fiori because it has to be fully functioning tomorrow.Adam kalkin oh, it does myra fiori in the morning, at 10 o’clock, this house has to fully functional.Adam kalkin ok.Myra fiori with the machines in it.People able absolutely.1000 am.Adam kalkin oh, i thought we had ’til tuesday.Myra fiori oh, absolutely not.Adam kalkin oh, good.Myra fiori does your team know that adam kalkin no.Myra fiori you want to make that announcement real quickly andrea illy i like it very much.I prefer this one to the other one because it’s bigger.

Adam kalkin yeah.Andrea illy it’s more open.Adam kalkin yeah.Andrea illy gives you more a sense of different spaces.Adam kalkin it does.Yeah.Andrea illy i like it very, very, very much.Myra fiori i have to tell you.I confess.This is so much better than the other one.Adam kalkin yeah, it is.Andrea illy it’s beginning of long journey.Adam kalkin cool.I’m ready for long journey.Andrea illy this is incredible.Aw, sick.Look at that.Look how big that one is.

Applause ok.Where did they go that’s crazy.Hydraulic motors they’re like machine toys.Adam kalkin and then what do they turn in to people like weights, boats, ships adam kalkin yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Flying parts.But they’re very industrial.They’re like robotic arms.But then they all fold out adam kalkin i should check those out.Oh, yeah.They’re really cool.Adam kalkin yeah, they’re making a documentary.Oh, great.He doesn’t know what transformers are.More than meets the eye i’m trying to explain them, but.

Container Gardening Top Tips for Success

Music container gardening is becoming more and more popular as people appreciate the flexibility and extra growing space it provides.It’s not just about flowers either you can grow your own tasty produce right outside your door and many speciallyadapted plant varieties are now available.But growing in containers does come with its own special challenges and if you want to succeed it’s important to plan ahead.Let us take you through the essentials.Where to site your containers is the first thing you need to consider.Most vegetable plants like lots of sun, so it’s important to choose a place.

Which will provide 6 hours or more of direct light south or west facing locations are the best.Placing them as close to your house as you can will mean you have easy access to your plants great for harvesting and easy for you to take care of them.Choose a sheltered spot for your pots so your plants are kept out of cold, drying winds.Walls, fences hedges are good locations, or try to screen the pots.Using your window ledges and balconies is a great way to get started if you don’t have a garden.

But make sure your pots are properly secured to prevent them from blowing off when the weather gets windy.Watering is the number one priority for containers as the plants won’t have access to moisture below ground.On a hot sunny day they can dry out within hours and plants might not recover from serious wilting.On hot days giving plants a thorough watering in the early morning and evening will be required, making sure that you don’t just wet the surface, but allow it to soak down to the roots.

For added convenience, drip irrigation can be installed particularly useful if you’ll be away from home during part of the summer.Containers come in all shapes, sizes colors and materials.Plastic and wood are tried and tested materials, but you can unleash your creativity just make sure they are clean and won’t leach harmful chemicals.Large pots can also be used to grow plants that aren’t native to your area for example they can be filled with an ericaceous soil for blueberries, which like acidic conditions.And for heat loving plants such as dwarf citrus trees,.

Containers enable the plans to be moved to a warm conservatory or greenhouse during winter months, protecting them from the worst of the winter weather.There are plenty of options available for using vertical space too, and if you have a warm sunny wall which absorbs heat during the day this will radiate the warmth during the night, protecting the plants from cold snaps.It’s essential to provide good drainage.Plants are easily killed if their roots are waterlogged.Make sure there are adequate drainage holes and that they’re free from dirt or blockages.

Adding a shallow layer of stones or broken pottery to the base of the pot often helps to improve drainage.The aim is to cover the drainage hole so the soil doesn’t leak out while still providing gaps for excess water to drain through.Fill the container with a purchased potting soil or your own homemade compost.Don’t use soil from your garden, as this is likely to be heavy and to contain weeds and soilborne pests.Using a lightweight and moistureretentive mix is the best for containers, and it will need topping up each season to replenish nutrients which have been used up.

Which container is best to use will depend on what sort of crops you are growing, so let’s take a look at some of the best veggies to grow in containers.It doesn’t get any easier than growing salad leaves.They only need a shallow container a few inches deep.If summers are hot in your location, choose an area that gets morning sunshine and afternoon shade to avoid the plants bolting running to seed before they’re ready for harvest.Cutandcomeagain type salad leaves often come in packets with several different varieties,.

Providing an exciting mix of leaves that will only take weeks to grow.Tomatoes can be grown in several different types of containers, but they’ll need plenty of soil to supply the nutrients they need right up to harvest.Many varieties, such as tumbling tom, can be grown in hanging baskets, and look great as they trail towards the floor.Other varieties can be grown in grow bags or soil bags, or you can use large pots at least 10 inches in diameter.Make sure you use a stake and tie the plants to it to keep them upright.

Tomatoes are very thirsty so will need lots of water at least twice a day in hot weather.Potatoes can be grown in large pots, or bags and sacks designed specifically for the job.The seed potatoes are layered with potting mix and left in a sunny spot, watering as required.As they grow you can layer more soil around the stem of the shoots, gradually building it up over a few weeks until the top of the container is reached.Many other vegetables, herbs and edible flowers can be grown in pots.

Take a look at our extensive grow guides for more information.Our garden planner has a range of specially designed garden objects to make planning and managing your container gardening easy.Starting with the basic outline of your garden, balcony or patio, you can then view garden objects in the selection bar.Once to pick one up, move to where you want to place it, and click to place, rotating or resizing if required.As you add the different containers that you’ll use to your plan make sure you leave enough space so you can water and harvest.

The parts list will provide a useful summary of all the containers and other objects, such as drip irrigation, for the plan.Adding plants is as simple as clicking to place them in the relevant containers with the coloured area around each plant indicating how much soil space the roots require.For example, we can easily see how many tomatoes will fit into this grow bag and hanging baskets.Add potatoes into the potato sacks, and choose which salad leaves to include in the grow frame.The plant list then shows you a complete summary of what you were growing.

Including when to plant seeds indoors and outdoors, and when you can expect the harvest, specific to your location.Twice a month you’ll also receive email reminders so you know what jobs need doing and when.Gardening in containers is an easy way of growing your own and you can expand with more containers to fill the space you have.Whether you have one simple pot for herbs, or a mini farm full of plants, its easy to get hooked on the taste of growing your own fresh produce and the convenience of having it right outside your back door.

10 DIY School Supplies Easy Weird DIY Crafts for Back To School Candy DIYs Mini Pens more

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today i’m going to show you how to make 10 diy school supplies if you enjoy this tutorial please click that like button and comment down below with any future tutorial suggestions you might have if you’re not already subscribed and would like to see more fun diy tutorials please click that subscribe button first diy i will show you is how to make a rolo’s pencil case so to make this rolo’s pencil case you will need a gift wrap tube like this.

Mark off at eight inches and then cut that out with the piece i just cut i made another marking out 1 12 and then i cut that off at this point you should have two pieces that look like this with at this point you should have two pieces that look like this with a piece of sandpaper just sand down any rough edges with a piece of brown foam i made to markings 1 at it 4 12 and 1 at 2 i connected those and then cut that out.

Apply hot glue to one of the edges and then glue the two edges together with a piece of heavy cardstock poster board or a piece of foam apply some glue to the bottom of the big tube to the top of the small tube and glue that to the cardstock poster board or piece of foam cut off any extra paper that is beneath the cardboard tubes place the piece of brown foam into the longer cardboard tube leaving about 34 of an inch showing place some hot glue on the foam to secure it to the.

Cardboard tube next you will need some gold foil i’m going to use these candy wrapper foils but you can also use the gold foil for gift wrapping wrap one of the squares around the top so it resembles a rolo’s packaging unfold the wrapping from inside place some hot glue around it to secure the gold foil to the cardboard tube and here is what my top looks like do the same thing on the tall tube but this time apply it to the bottom of the cardboard tube next you will need to print out this printable and cut it down to size i will.

Leave a link down below to where you can print this out apply some hot glue to the label and then secure it to the tube and that is how you make a rolo’s candy pencil case for the second project i will show you how to make a hubba bubba eraser with an xacto knife carefully cut down the front side in the center and then do the same thing on the back once the label has been carefully cut you can open it up and enjoy the gum inside.

For the next part you will need two of these pink eraser clay pieces you’ll just want to roll those together and then with a rolling pin roll them out once it’s rolled out start cutting strips the same size as the bubble gum what i did when i just took the excess rolled it back together rolled it out and cut more strips until i had enough that i could make a big long strip of bubble gum once had enough pieces cut out i started joining those together and.

Smoothing out the edges where they met next i just rolled it up once i had it all rolled up then i baked it according to the package instructions here is mine after it was baked you can just put it in the case and the part that’s sticking out if you want to close it completely you can just tuck that in and that is how you make the hubba bubba eraser number three is going to be bubblegum pens to make this you will need a pack of bubblegum you want to slowly begin by.

Tearing the flap part off so you don’t wreck too much of the wrapper enjoy the gum inside and save the wrapper’s next you’ll need a piece of pink card stock paper and then you’ll want to measure out the wrapper’s to get the correct size take the measurements from the wrapper and mark that off onto the pink cardstock then you will just want to cut that out you will need two of these for each stick of gum you want to make i’m going to use the ink from one of these mini pens cut the ink down to size so it fits in the wrapper.

Apply some hot glue to one piece of the pink card stock place the ink on that and then glue the other piece of pink card stock to that one trim down one side of the wrapper place your pen inside and then secure it with some hot glue now you can add them back to the bubble gum pack and you have your very own bubble gum pens for the fourth project these are super easy candy bookmarks i’m going to use the packages from these gums anything that is made from the cardboard.

Candy packaging will work well for this trim the box down so you’re left with just one side with the hole punch punch a hole into the cardboard with a piece of ribbon cut it down to size and thread it through the hole that was punched tie it into a double knot and then you will have your very own candy bookmark for the fifth diy school project i will show you how to make licorice pens for this you will need red polymer clay and a star tip that you can find in the baking.

Aisle roll half the clay into a ball and then into a tube shape place it into the star tip and start pushing it through i used a sharpie marker to push it through once you have a long enough piece just break it off and then just trim down the end so it looks like size of licorice with a wooden skewer or a toothpick make a hole into one side of the clay and you’ll want to make it deep enough for long enough for an ink barrel to fit through i will be using the ink.

From one of these mini pens if you don’t have one you can just cut some ink down to size place the ink into the clay and then trim it down to size start twisting it so it looks like licorice and bake it according to the package instructions once it’s been baked and cooled you can add the ink to the clay and if you want you can secure it with hot glue mine was pretty snug so it didn’t fall out and that is how you make licorice pens.

For in the next project i will show you how to make licorice erasers for this you will need some eraser clay i’m going to use this kind right here and you will need the red piece and you will just want to do the same thing as with the licorice pens and push it through the star tip once i’ve been done trim it down to size and bake it according to the package instructions here is mine after it was baked and this is how it works the 7th diy comes from a previous projects i made so after this tutorial invite you to.

Head on down to the link below and check out my candy pens for the 8th diy i will show you how to make a push pop pencil case for this one you will also need a piece of giftwrapping tube you will want to market off at eight inches and cut it out this one will be similar to the rollo’s but a little bit different for the top on this one you will want to mark it off at two inches and then cut that off use sandpaper to get rid of any rough edges for the bottom on this one i’m going to use a.

Piece of pink foam i just applied some hot glue around the bottom of the cardboard tube glued it to the foam and then cut off any excess for the top i’m going to use a piece of white card stock cut out a piece of pink foam that is 4 12 by 2 apply some hot glue on the edge and glue the two edges together place the piece of pink foam into the larger cardboard tube leaving about an inch showing apply some hot glue around the foam to secure it to the cardboard.

Tube on this one only the top will need to be painted you can either use spray paint or acrylic paint the bottom you will be one of these printables i will leave a link down below where you can print it out once it’s printed out then just cut it down to size for this one i’m going to secure it with some elmer’s glue the next thing i did was i just secured it to the cardboard tube once the top is dry you can place it onto the bottom of the cardboard tube and.

That is how you make a push pop pencil case the ninth project i will show you how to make candy notebooks for this one you will need a cardboard candy box and what you want to do is you’ll just want to cut off the flaps and then cut down one of the sides so it has the folder look next you’ll need some binder paper you’ll want to measure the inside of the box and then cut the binder paper down to size you will want to cut enough.

Sheets to where you have a big enough notebook here are mine after i was done i’m going to use some binder clips to secure those in place and then with some elmer’s glue i’m going to apply that to the top and with a paintbrush i’m going to smooth it out this is how i’m binding the notebook together let that dry for 24 hours and then i remove the binder clips i applied some elmer’s glue to the candy box and glued the notepad to that and that is how you make candy notebooks.

For the last and final project i am going to show you how to make a gummy worm pencil case and you can eat the gummy worms for this you will need 2 sheet protectors start by cutting off the sides of both sheet protectors next you will need to find a hard surface you can stick between the sheet protector i’m going to use this small cutting board mark off halfway down the sheet protector and then cut on that line with a pair of scissors cut down the sides of the sheet protector making sure to only cut through one layer of.

The sheet protector what you have at this point essentially you should have a flap on the second layer or the long part of the sheet protector that is still left mark it off halfway from the edge to the marking that is halfway take an xacto knife and cut that off diagonally you’ll want to repeat the same process on the other side here is what it should look like you will want to repeat these same steps with the other sheet protector fold the flap over so it looks like an envelope.

Hot glue around all four sides of the sheet protectors to glue the two together the sheet protectors are clear and you can see the hot glue i’m going to use some of this rainbow duct tape to finish off the sides for the bottom measure off enough tape to fit across the bottom then tape that to the front side fold it over to the back side and just trim off any excess for the sides measure out enough tape to fit fold the piece in half and cut at a 45degree angle then.

Place the point on the bottom of the tape of the front trim off any excess and folded over to the back by making the 45degree angle cut it gives it more of a cleaner look when its done for the top take a piece of tape long enough to fit across cut it in half take half of it and tape it to one side and then the second half to the other side to give it a cleaner look i drew diagonal lines and then with a pair of scissors i.

Cut on that diagonal line to hold the flaps in place i’m going to use some of these small circle pieces of velcro and to finish it off i just cut out some small pieces of the tape and then i covered up that piece of velcro now for the fun part take some gummy worms and then just add those to one side and then the other side you can add your pens and your pencils and that is how you make a gummy worm pencil case i hope you guys enjoyed these 10 diy school supply ideas i would.

Texas Flip and Move Converted Container Homes

Music playing narrator up for auction today, something real unusual, four 20 foot shipping containers.But there’s some small print that says whoever buys them has to take all four.People are loving taking a shipping container, turn it into a house, turn it into a weekend place, turn it into a hunting lodge.Limitless.It is.It is so limitless what you can do.Limitless.Narrator converting four containers into two houses in just two weeks, it’s a big call, but at least the move is easy.Normally it’s the snow sisters’ brother gary who’d do the move.

But because the cost of the move was included in the purchase price, it’s the container company that’s brought the containers to the lot.The ground level of the container house will have a sliding door at one end, an open plan living and kitchen area, and a small bathroom.A spiral staircase next to the front door goes up to the top level.Up here there’ll be a deck at one end, a bedroom, and at the other end, a sitting area with a large picture window.Music playing bell.

Bell bell bell bell bell bell the other two, we have to get something done in two weeks for that buyer.Dad ain’t gonna like me out here doing building.He’s gonna want me doing the moving.Just two weeks.I tell you, i’ve got to the next best thing.We’ll bring in my girls.Hey.We’ll bring in melinda, page, brooke, and kendall, and let them design, and renovate, and flip it.Narrator so here’s their plan.Offsetting the two containers creates space for a front door.Taking out most of the dividing wall.

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