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Housing Containers China

Foshan wellcamp building materials co., ltd. This is an easy folding container, our newest design. Capable for store room, dormitory, office or even toilet 12 sets can be loaded into 1 40 ft HQ shipping container. To set up this house, first we need to lift the top up to unfold the cargo and form a frame. After the frame is formed, we need to place a support in the middle to stabilize the frame. The support needs to have soft materials at both end to prevent scratching the wall.

Once the frame is stabled, we can flip one side gable wall up manually. The frame will be stabled after 1 gable wall is set up. Remove the support then continue to set up another wall. Once the house is formed, add 4 pcs of hexagon selftapping screws at each columns at these locations. The last step is to add decoration sheet at 4 columns to do flashing and sealing. Use cross head selftapping screws to attach the decoration sheet.Then seal the edge using glue.

cmcosteel portable modular container homes

Haven’t got a plan yet? Don’t worry we could design for you. Coldformed high strength bottom frame. Support posts connects floor and roof, now structure stays intact and solid. Multiple layers of waterproof and isolation material installed for floor and roof. Sandwich wall panels are installed with doors and windows prebuiltin. Many color and texture options available for wall panel.

This is how a single container unit looks like. Container homes only needs simplified sitework, a flat and solid ground can be good enough. Building a homes with CMCOSTEEL containers is as easy building with LEGO blocks. Your home can be easily scaled by adding more containers in horizontal and vertical directions. Walls can be removed to create large opening spaces. Container homes doesn’t mean cramped and rigid. Additional roof modules including structure and tile installed.

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