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House Plant Container Gardening

How to repot a plant in container or pot for optimum growth

Plants growing in containers get root bound after some time and must be repotted into other containers in today’s tutorial we will see how to rejuvenate your plants by repotting them in bigger containers or other containers after some time we will look at the different kinds of plants that can be re potted and what are the signs you should look for when re potting your plants no matter what container size you use for your plants.

They will get root bound this is an example of some kohlrabi plants that had been growing in this container and you can see how much root bound these plants have gotten so when they get rootbound there is absolutely no space to grow this is the time to repot so geraniums are one type of plants that definitely need repotting every one to two years.

Roses fall in the same category so the reason they need repotting is because they develop dense root systems and must be repotted in other containers every year or every two years depending on how well they grow now before you repot your plant you need to remember two things one is you need to make sure you prune the plants.

Really well you thin out the plants well so that you don’t have a lot of crowding going on near the growing areas and the third thing you need to do is to split plants in case they’ve gotten very big like in this case this geranium plant has gotten really big and you can see how you can separate it out.

Into these various plants so before you even think of repotting it and setting it in a new container you need to make sure you do these steps now the choice of the container that you use can either be the same container which I do for most of the time because you would need to prune the roots as well or you can step up to a bigger container it all depends on the size of plants that you’re using or repotting.

When pruning make sure you’re prone all the stems that grow inwards towards the plant remove any dead or old branches and make sure only the healthiest stems remain when you repot a plant it will come back bigger and better and will cause lush growth to occur on the plants so make sure you keep the healthiest part of the plant and leave the rest so once your potting mix is ready I usually like to.

Wet it a little bit before I set it out into the container and then kind of measure your plant and see how much potting mix you need to add before setting your plant in you need to make sure that your plant is still at the same surface level it was when you started repotting your plant so once you determine that level.

How to Care for House Plants Picking House Plant Pots

Hi! I’m Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. I am here today to talk to you about choosing the right pot for your plant. When you first get your plant, it is most likely they will come in this green little plastic cup. It is okay to leave it in there for a while but when they start to grow and flourish, you really want to choose a different pot for them. For a plant this size, I would probably go with a 4 inch pot. It is about the same size as the pot that it came in. Because it is a ceramic pot, it is going to give you more circulation of water. This plant isn’t really, I don’t think big enough to go into this pot yet so in the meantime, I just put it in there like that. When I water it, the.

Water is going to right down to the bottom and collect right here at the bottom of the plant jar so you may want to get a pot that has one of these little water catchers or you can get a pot like this. This type of pot does not have any sort of drainage hole in the bottom so you need to have plants in there that stay in very moist soil. Or if you don’t water plants that often and they are indoor plants, remember you only need to water them about maybe once a week because when a plant is indoors it is not warm enough for the water to evaporate a quickly as it does when it is an outdoor plant. If you are growing an indoor plant and you don’t like the look of clay or ceramic pots indoors,.

Think about glass. You could take something like a plant bulb and grow it into a glass container, just fill it with water and look what happens, the roots grow down into the water and the plant grows up into a flower.

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