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Hi, everyone. so in this tutorial, i’m going to share with you guys how to organize all of your plastic storage containers that you have inside of your kitchen cabinets. So maybe you have like a whole cabinet that’s just like bursting with like lids and bottoms and stuff and it’s just very hard to contain. I’m going to show you how I organized mine to make it really easy to access, to know what you have, and to make putting leftovers away less frustrating. So let me grab the camera and show you guys exactly what I’ve.

Done. OK. So this is the cabinet where I keep all of my plastic food containers. Now, it has lids to my pots also because my pots are in this cabinet over here which I’m going to save for another tutorial. But this is really what I want to show you guys. I want to show you this and then I want to show you up here. So this is a pullout organizer that’s made for cabinets. Now, it’s not necessarily made.

To hold tupperware and storage containers but i just like to use it for this purpose because I thought it would work perfectly. So what I’ve done here is besides install this organizer, I have sorted all of my plastic food storage containers by size and then I put all the bottoms together and all the tops together. So back here, I have all of my larger tops in the very back section then there is a divider here kind of dividing them up. So large tops and then I have my mediumsize.

Tops here and then my smaller tops here so when i’m coming to grab a container i can say, Oh, do I need a small, medium, or large? And then go to that exact location. And I did the same thing with the bottoms here. I have all the mediums at the very bottom of the front section and then I have the smaller ones kind of nested on top of each other like this. And then I have all of the large containers because it didn’t really fit nicely down here at the very top of the cabinet.

Now, i have another one, i think i have like two more of that are actually in the fridge right now being used. So those go there. So I just like how they’re very easy to access. Yeah, they’re just easy to access. And when you store the bottoms separate from the tops, it saves a lot of space. And yeah, it just saves a lot of space and it makes everything easy to access. Now, do you have to use the same product that I used to get the same look inside of your.

Cabinet for organizing your storage containers? no, absolutely not. i just really like this one. When I saw it in the store, I just knew this was going to work so beautifully because I saw the dividers, I saw that they were adjustable and flexible and I knew that was exactly what I was looking for in order to contain all my lids by size and separate them from the bottoms. So that’s why I got it. Now, if you want to know more information about the product, you can visit my website,.

Alejandra.tv. there are more details there. but if you don’t want to get the product and you want to get the same look inside of your cabinet, what you can do is you can just use containers. You could even use like storage containers just like this to contain all your lids. Like what I would do is I would just use one of these bigger containers and I would put all my lids to kind of stack the same way inside of the bigger one. I would probably.

Do all my large lids together and then my mediums and smalls in a separate container. And then I would probably nest like the mediumsize containers and the small containers. Nest these ones inside of another large container or if you don’t want to use these containers, you could just get another container and nest them inside of those. So there are other ways to organize your Tupperware containers without having to go out and get another product. I just like this one and I knew it was going to meet the needs of what.

Closet Organizing Tips Out of Season Closet Storage

My name is abby jones. i’m talking about the process of moving into a new space. and how to make that space efficient and functional. I’m right here at my closet right now. And thinking about ways to organize my closet so that it’s efficient, although it is a small space. So I accessed the space, I added storage, I’ve put in most of my clothes. And then up top here, I have plastic containers with clothes that I’m not using right now because they’re out of season. So I have my coats and my sweaters. My heavy long sleeved shirts and scarves,.

Hats, those kinds of things. i have all up in storage, up high, because i’m not going to be needing them really any time soon. So, in a small space where you can’t have all your clothes out all the time, it’s a good idea to invest in those plastic containers because they keep your clothes clean, throughout the season where you’re not using them. And then you can store them in places that you don’t need to get to everyday. Like an upper shelf or under your bed. Or if you have a cedar chest, that might be another place that.

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