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Home Essentials Food Storage Containers

Hi my lovely foodies, i am kanak and welcome to kanak’s kitchen Today I won’t be showing you any recipe, instead I will be showing you some very useful Kitchen tips and tricks which is very essential for everyone to know while working in the kitchen These are not very big things but very few and basic things that everyone should know while working in the kitchen. So let me show you what are the things. Take the container in which you normally store the red chilly powder and to this add 2 pinches of heem or asafoteda and mix well. Now cover it with an air tight lid and store this.

And to this add 2 pinches of hing or asafoetida and mix well. now cover it with an airtight lid and store this This will help in retaining the freshness of the chilly powder for a longer period of time. After blanching or bowling the chopped vegetables, strain them and immediately put them in ice water. This will help in retaining the bright colour of the vegetables While boiling or cooking the chopped cauliflower in water, put some salt in it, also add in 23 ounces of milk to the water. Once boiled strain them and put them in cold water to stop the cooking.

This will help in retaining the bright white colour of the cauliflower. while removing the juice of the lemon or a lime roll it hard under your palm, on the flat surface of your kitchen just for a minute before juicing it. or if you want, alternatively you can put it into the microwave just for 1015 seconds. This will help in getting the maximum juice from it. Whenever you buy greens from the market, like the spinach, coriander or any other leafy green vegetables, wrap them loosely in a damp paper towel or in a damp muslin cloth and then place them into a plastic bag or ziplock bag making few holes into it.

This will help in prolonging the lifespan of the greens. whenever you are heating oil for frying, and if you want to know whether the oil is hot enough for frying or not, dip a wooden skewer or a spoon into the center of the oil and of bubbles are formed around the wood, then you are good to go. That’s the right temperature to drop in your stuff. Remove the stems of the green chillies while storing them. This will help them to stay fresher for a longer period of time. While cooking or boling the rice, when the rice is half done, add a few drops of lemon juice to the rice and a teaspoon of oil to it.

This will help in keeping the rice bright white and you will find that all the grains of the rice, tend to remain separate. While cutting the ladies finger you can see the juice and the fibres coming out of it and starts to stick onto the edges of the knife. This not only makes the cutting messy, but while frying, or cooking them also, they turn very soggy. So here is a tip, run the edges of a knife with a lemon juice. on both the sides. This will avoid the stickiness while chopping and then they will turn more crispy while frying. While using eggs, if you are not sure how fresh your eggs are, then here is a tip.

Place them in about 10 cms of water in a container. now the eggs that stay at the bottom are still fresh. If only one end dips up, or comes up that means they are less fresh. You can use them as soon as possible If the egg floats in the water on top, then it means they have been expired and should be discarded. Whenever you are keeping fruits in a bowl, never keep the fruits with a bunch of banana. Store the fruits in a different basket or bowl and the bananas in different. Also seperate the banana Place each away from the other. Bananas releases gas which cause fruits including the banana.

To ripen quickly. while removing the skin from the ginger, don’t remove it with the pealer or a knife instead, use a steel spoon and start rubbing it all over. This way this will help in removing the skin faster and easily without any wastage. Put a few neem leaves inside the container in which you normally store the rice or dals and then close it. This will prevent the insects from getting inside the rice and dal. They will stay fresh for a longer period of time. So guys I hope you liked the cooking tips that I shared with you today and I am sure you will apply these on a daily basis. If you also have any other tips which you.

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