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Designer Food Storage Containers

Clinton mcdade, senior designer at schaefer systems international Today we’ll be sharing with you the CF line of collapsible conainers. And what makes the CF Container unique? The fact that it’s the only collapsible container on the market that has an attached lid. CF Containers are used in the material handling industry specifically for transportation and storage. You can see it collapses down very efficiently. This saves you 80% freight costs when returning the empties. Another advantage of the CF is.

That when the lid is closed you use a security tie it becomes tamperevident. this is important for industries like perfumes and pharmacuticals. The CF Container is made out of polypropolene which means it conveys more quietly and operates more quietly than the competitors’ boxes made of polyethylene. The pivot pins are made of polypropolene as well which means the CF is 100% recyclable. Another advantage is the end walls are made by pressfits not snapfits. Snapfits tend to break over time, pressfits have no moving parts. That makes the CF more.

Reliable. the cf container has two ergonomic pocket handles. It has a rating of 33 pounds, 500 in a stack. Polypropolene resists most chemicals and the operating range for the CF Container is 4F to 140F. The CF Containers come in three footprints, three heights, with and without lids, and all the boxes cube out the AIAG 48 x 45 pallet. The CF Container will provide longterm savings in the form of optimal performance and cost reduction.

EF Straightwall Containers from SSI SCHAEFER

Clinton mcdade, senior designer at schaefer systems international Today we’ll discuss the EF Containers. The EF Container line is extremely versitile. It’s strong enough for any manual or automated application. It comes in a wide range of sizes to meet any storage needs. The EF Containers can be used in virtually any industry. They’re strong, light weight, easy to clean, and have stack loads of up to 800 pounds. EF Containers are made of polypropolene which has great chemical resistance and the operating temperature.

Is 4f to 140f. with over 150 models, the ef container line is extremely versitile. It comes in a wide range of configurations that can meet any of your storage needs. Configurations include solid and vented walls, smooth and reinforced bottoms, conductive material for your electronic components, and dropdown doors and open side walls. Some accessories include dust cover lids, hinged lids, and label clips. The EF Continer is a multipurpose container that can be used across virtually any industry.

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