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Converted Shipping Containers Cost

Our house is made out of two, forty foot shipping containers on top of a mountain in the australian bush Welcome to our very comfortable home. This is Sarah’s working space. She runs two internet business that keep her very busy. Sarah works very successfully from home using her computer. We access the internet usingmobile broadband. And to improve reception we use a dedicated antenna.

Our wood burning stove is very unusual. its an old chubb safe that i converted, And it works a treat. I can honestly say that this kitchen has more space than any other kitchen I have had in the past. The cargo doors can be closed during bad weather. Though they spend most of the time wide open, letting the sunshine and fresh air through. Having a glass wall in the bathroomis amazing.

This is what we are normally looking out at. We stay warm throughout the winter by burning firewood. This drying rack is one of the windows that I cut out of the house. I think this is very creative use of the materials. We have a large sunroof over the main house. This protects us from the sun, and collects our water.

We have enough water collection to be self sufficient. We use ceramic water filters for our drinking water. And these are very effective. Our drinking water tastes a lot nicer than town water. The veg cage is just a few steps down from the kitchen door. Which makes it a very successful kitchen garden. Sarah’s a natural gardener and speaks fluent PLANT All the plants grow enthusiastically for Sarah in this warm and green environment.

You know what we have done is actually produce living accommodation which i don’t think of as shipping containers any longer. Its been fantastic, I love it, I love the airiness of it, I love the peace, I love the fact that, the solitude to be honest in the location that we are in, I love being in nature, and getting up in the morning is just unbelievable. Three kilowatts of solar panels captures the sunshine to make our electrical energy.

This gives us plenty of electricity and we store it in two good sized battery banks. We have the energy to run any electrical appliance and we can even run an air conditioner. No utility bills, that’s probably one of the biggest attractions is actually reducing the overheads of electricity. I filmed this Wallaby mum from our bedroom window. You can see the Joey wriggling in the pouch.

The joey came back once he got a little more independent I filmed I filmed this one morning whilst we were lying in bed. Wildlife of abundance, around us. Possums and Wallabies, now have absolutely no fear of us and they just hop around, feet away from us. So yes, its absolutely perfect, its a beautiful environment we live in and we are very lucky.

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