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Container Ship Home Design Software

DreamPlan Home Design Software is the funand easy way to visualize your dream home or a remodel. To get started, select one of the Start Screenmenu items – Start New Project, View Sample Project or Open a Saved Project. The first time you open DreamPlan, I recommendviewing the Sample Project. This is a good way to get a feel for the softwareand its capabilities. At the top of your screen, you will see thetabbed toolbar. Each tool is organized by category into oneof the tabs.

Each tab has an Options button which allowsyou to set the measurement units for your project. Next to the Options button is Add Content. DreamPlan comes with a few standard 3D modelsto use as you design your home. To add additional content, click the Add Contentbutton and select the additional packages you would like to use. These models include everything from bathroommirrors to tennis courts. On the right side of the screen, you willsee a list of frequently used tools.

Hover over each button to see a descriptionof the tool and its keyboard shortcut. About 23 of the way down is the View Modebutton to switch between 2D and 3D views. At the bottom of the screen is a tip bar. With each new tool that you select, it willshare helpful advice on how to use the tool. Finally, on the left, you will see controlsand properties. We will start at the bottom with the Cameracontrols. You can use the buttons here to change yourviewpoint. To use your mouse instead, click and holdthe right mouse button, then drag the mouse

to pan your view to the desired point. Zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheelup or down. Move the camera by holding down the middlebutton and moving the mouse. If you ever need a review of the mouse cameracontrols, simply click on the Help button next to the camera controls. Right below the help button is the screencapture button. ing this will save a snapshot of yourcurrent project view as a jpg. Next, you will see the Stories.

This allows you to switch between storieswhile you work by clicking on the desired story. Tools only work on the active story. Stories higher than the active story willbe transparent. Above this, you will see the Object Propertiesand Materials. Use these options to select a style, scalea tool or model, select a texture or a color. Finally, for additional Help documentation,click on the Help Icon in the upper right corner.

For more DreamPlan tutorials, visit the addressshown on your screen. nchsoftware designtutorial.

How to quickly create your floor plan in Sweet Home 3D

Righty oh, I’m gonna build a floor plan as fast as I can using sweet home 3d i’m going to import a backgroundimage so I’ve got some kind of guide This is something i created in Photoshop and it’s the floor plan of my house continue so you have to set the ruler first so it knows how big a meter is. roughly

That is 13 meters so i type 1300 in there continue. I might just set a set an origin point now that’s a pretty good place for one. good.zoom in a bit position that right. now i start to draw some walls start down there, wall. go to that point. go to that point. go to that point, go to that point that point that point

that point that point that point that point and wow, i could’ve done that a bit better. Do some internal walls now that just won’t attach, so i have to hold down the alt key so i can fine tune it. right down to the bottom, press escape start again. Start there, go down to there, go down to there go down to there and press escape

this wall is a small section That’s done. And i should have done that bit aswell. It’s done now. That’s a chimney. That’s another chimney. now I’m going to set the wall thickness multi select holding down shift that, that, that, that, that n that. Not all walls are thick. Only some of them are. So i’m going to select the thick ones.

control shift E, 25 centimeters and they’re all thick now and I can now justfine tune the locations a little bit Control Z, a few times there, i rotated it slightly That’s good, onetwothreefouronetwothreefour hold down control shift E make that 40 centimeters. That’s howbig the chimneys are Tap that in slightly Tap that up a little bit

little bit more Righty oh, i’m going to put some doors in now. open door open door, opens that way another open door, and another open door. This particular door opens the opposite way to how the model has been drawn let’s check out the 3d image

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