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Container Plants Safe For Cats

Hello and welcome back to huwsnursery. in this tutorial we will be answering the question by a viewer Can you grow vegetables in plastic drink bottles? For urban growers in particular, plastic cartons are a great choice to grow vegetables in small spaces for example herbs in an empty bottles to tomato plants in gallon water storage’s. There has been a lot of talk and similar questions if growing vegetables in plastic products such as yogurt pots and water bottles you buy from a shop is safe. Many people are wondering.

If it is safe to use them in case they leek harmful chemicals into the soil and then into the plant itself. Generally when you come to think about it if you can drink water from a plastic bottle what stops you from growing food in it afterwards? Some websites say anything which food is sold in should be fine however it is always best to be on the safe side. In many countries there is a plastic resin identification code found under every plastic container which has been sold. Look under a bottle and you will find a triangle with a number within.

It for example 2 meaning hdpe high density polythene. you can see a table listing all the different plastics and highlighting the ones you should use. Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are the plastics which are safest to grow plants in which you are going to eat from. Avoid growing food in plastics 3, 6 and 7 due to them leeching chemicals and aren’t food safe. Here is an example of the symbol on one of my yogurt pots and I know it will be fine to use in a couple of months to start some seeds in Just make sure you pierce.

How To Use Miracle Gro

Hi it’s alaskagranny if you’re looking for a good all purpose watersoluble plant food Miracle Gro that you can use on vegetables flowers trees shrubs anything Miracle Gro works really great its simple because it’s watersoluble you just measure Miracle Gro into a pitcher.

You can put miracle gro in a hose end sprayer it’s simple to use it spreads easily MIracle Gro is safe around your pets and children open the box of miracle gro carefully the lid is a little weird and then you can reuse it to store the miracle gro to use later so cut open your miracle gro product it’s supposed to come with a measuring spoon but mine.

Didn’t so i got one an extra one the directions are on the back it tells you how to use miracle gro with a watering can or a Garden end hose if you want to use miracle gro with the watering can you simply measure a little bit into your water and stir it well and then you’re ready to pour miracle gro over whatever plant you want make sure you mix it up though before.

You spread it so that you don’t get too much any one spot sometimes it comes as a hose end feeder and you can already take the package or miracle gro and put it straight into a container my containers for liquid only and you don’t want to plug up the feeder with miracle gro.

So what i did was i poured it in anyway first tear it open it comes as a pinch apart package you fill it into your container and the one that’s made for Miracle Gro is ready for that but mine wasn’t so I added water to it and stirred it to make sure it is all liquidy miracle gro then when I go to spray it it’s not going to plug it up my hose end garden sprayer.

Spray miracle gro all over your garden anywhere you want shrubs grass vegetables trees it’s great for all of it then when you’re done seal up well the miracle gro I put it in a ziploc bag and I stored it with this spoon put it back in the miracle gro package which is plasticky coated and so it’s gonna protect your miracle gro powder and put the miracle gro away for next.

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