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Container Meal Plan

Hey guys. so you seemed to really enjoy my previous meal prep episode where I showed you meal prep for a week so I thought I would do another one. Most of these recipes come from my meal prep ebook. It’s not a meal plan but it’s a book that teaches you how to prep efficiently and effectively for your healthy lifestyle.

And also had some recipes included for free at the end so if you’re interested in that you can get it at mindovermunch /ebook. But the purpose of this tutorial is to show you that meal prep doesn’t have to be you know those intimidating tupperware container every single meal of the the week for every day is planned out. It can be a little bit more relaxed.

But still set you up for success. so when you need your vegetables you already have them chop you don’t have to go chop them right then but you don’t necessarily have them portion out. So I hope you find this tutorial useful and without further ado lefs get prepping. So that is my meal prep for the week. As you can see I just kinda do a minimal amount.

Of prep so that i have everything that i need ready to go but I don’t necessarily assemble every single meal. If you have questions about you know freezing food and storing it and all those kinds of things, I know you guys want to leave them all in the comments but I actually explain it all in the ebook and have charts about.

21 DAY FIX FAQ SERIES What can I put in my 21 Day Fix containers

gt;gt; dave: hi! my name is dave ward and i’m here with my wife, monica ward, who is doing the 21 Day Fix program. And, we just recently filmed a great tips tutorial where Monica gave you her Top 10 Tips. That has generated a whole bunch of questions. So, I’m gonna interview Monica and we’re gonna talk about these questions.

And, hopefully, get your question answered in this series. Alright, the next question is relating to the containers and relating to the types of foods that you can put in the containers and I’m gonna paraphrase it a little bit. But, the question’s basically that, you know, let’s say I like something like DingDongs, right? And, it looks like a DingDong. I could fit a DingDong in here, right?.

So, if i can fit a dingdong in here, then can i eat a dingdong? gt;gt; MONICA: No. gt;gt; DAVE: No? gt;gt; MONICA: I mean, we have an intelligent audience. Stop it! Stop it! You’re eating single ingredient foods. gt;gt; MONICA: Proteins. gt;gt; DAVE: What’s a single ingredient food? Let me interrupt you and ask you that question.

gt;gt; monica: a single ingredient food is an item. .like an apple. There are no other ingredients in an apple. gt;gt; DAVE: Right? Chicken. gt;gt; MONICA: Chicken. gt;gt; DAVE: An egg. gt;gt; MONICA: An egg. gt;gt; DAVE: Right. gt;gt; MONICA: You know? When you get into pastas, you know.

Monica: .the grains. now you’ve got more than one ingredient. gt;gt; dave: right. gt;gt; MONICA: So, ideally, they’re trying to limit you to single ingredient foods and you’re eating lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. gt;gt; DAVE: So let’s say I did like DingDongs, which I don’t like DingDongs. But, if I did like DingDongs, is there a chocolate option?.

Like if i just wanted to get some chocolate, what would I.I needed a little chocolate fix, what would I do? gt;gt; MONICA: Yeah, there’s a little.the little sneaky, sneaky in the back. But, I mean, it’s probably gonna be more like this option. gt;gt; DAVE: Right. gt;gt; MONICA: And, however, yes.there’s room for some of the things that you like.

gt;gt; dave: yeah. i actually saw.i asked that specific question, because i saw a picture of autumn, who’s the trainer that designed all this stuff, and she was eating one of these with. it had some, like, little dark chocolate squares that were packed into it. gt;gt; MONICA: Right. gt;gt; DAVE: So, not suggesting that you cheat or anything,.

But, if that’s something that keeps you sane and helps you get through it, there are options for that to help you, you know, eat things. But, it’s not this container. It’s this container. gt;gt; MONICA: Right. gt;gt; DAVE: And, you can see that’s a big difference, right? gt;gt; MONICA: And, it’s not every day gt;gt; DAVE: It’s not every day.

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