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Elite facts presents 10 Bodies Discovered YEARS After They Went Missing 10. In 1999,2 people were arrested after police discovered the body of their daughter inside a wall. The body of Latanisha Carmichael, who was around 6 years old at the time of her death, was found in a closet strewn with incense sticks, air fresheners, and baking soda boxes. She was wrapped in a baby blanket, put inside four plastic bags, wrapped in yellowed.

Newspaper from 1979, and placed in a footlocker with boxes of mothballs. that locker was wrapped in cellophane and put inside another plasticwrapped foot locker. 9. In Woodland Park, Colorado, the body of an 18yearold who was reported missing in 2008 was found in the chimney of an abandoned cabin less than a mile from his home. His remains were found when contractors tore down the cabin that had sat untouched for a decade. The Teller County coroner believes that the boy became stuck when he tried to shimmy down.

The chimney. 8. In 2014, two men who were hired to do some repairs on a foreclosed house made the grisly discovery of Pia Farrenkopf’s body, mummified in the back seat of her car with a halfempty bottle of wine. The woman had been dead since 2009, but her family was so used to her disappearing for years at a time that they thought nothing of her absence. 7. In 2013, the decomposed body of a toddler was found in his crib almost two years after.

He died from malnourishment. making matters more sickening, at court proceedings after the discovery, it was revealed that the child’s mother ordered a pizza shortly after his death and that she continued to make insurance claims on him. 6. In 2006, while in the process of repossessing a home, police made a gruesome discovery. Lying on the flat’s sofa was the body of 38yearold Joyce Carol Vincent, who had been missing for three years. According to the police, the television set was still on, tuned to.

Bbc1, and a small pile of unopened christmas presents lay on the floor. 5. Carla Ruth Reyes went missing at the beginning of 2013, but it wasn’t until a few hikers discovered her body, decaying in the back of her car, in 2015 that her family was finally able to put her memory to rest. According to Reyes’ family, she struggled with addiction and depression for her entire life. 4. John Sabine was last seen alive in 1997, but after his wife Leigh died in 2015, his.

Body was discovered wrapped in plastic sheeting in leigh’s garden. detectives say his injuries were consistent with an assault and that the deceased Leigh was the primary suspect. 3. The remains of Joanne Nichols were discovered behind a false wall in the basement of a home in New York in 2013. Joanne had been missing for 28 years, and when what was left of her body was excavated a medical examiner said that her hands were tied with rope. A large area of the right side of the skull was also missing. Her cause of death was.

Blunt force trauma. 2. In 2014, Chatanooga Police discovered the skeletons of twin brothers Andrew and Anthony Johnson in their former residence. Each brother, aged 63 years at the their presumed time of death, was found dead in matching easy chairs when the police entered the residence. 1. Following up on complaints of a pungent smell coming from a home in England, police officers discovered the bodies of Caroline Jessett and her mother Pauline, aged 50 and.

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