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The Bet Container vs Loft

NARRATOR: Down in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s a housing boom. Sold, sold, sold! Cheers and applause NARRATOR: But it’s not what you think. Whole neighborhoods are being rebuilt, and wheelerdealers. Lock it in. NARRATOR: .are scooping up the old houses before they’re torn down.

And moving them out to remodel and flip for profit. It’s a risky business. Damn. .but here in longhorn country, there are three family companies competing for the cash. They’re flipping houses in record time. And the good folks of Texas come from all over. Take a look around. See what you think of her.

.to buy bargains. $25,000 now. .and move them to their own land. Sold, sold, sold! Cheers and applause Chaching! Chaching! Laughs It’s flippin’ and movin’ Texasstyle.

On the banks of Lake Worth, property is bein’ bought up, and old houses are makin’ way for new. Here’s a little place that’s in line for bulldozing, unless a Texas Flip N’ Mover buys it first and hauls it away. Some folks say this was once a school house. It’s not even 400 square feet. It’s about 100 years old, and it’s probably just one open room.

How much we gonna spend today? Let’s go low. I was thinking more like about $400. You can go up to $400, and then I’ll go up to $500. Stone looks cool. It’s awful small. Okay. What do we got?.

23footlong. Real small. RANDY: How come you beat me here first? Sorry. Uhhuh. Too small. I’ll give you that. It’s small. Definitely small.

But, you know what? It’s got a place. SUZI: Hopefully it’s a good one. Watch it, now. It’s not very wide. It’s 17foot. I mean that’s good for moving. Casey’ll like that. 608 square foot of rock. Okay. You know, there’s value in them rocks.

Fancy Pigeon Carrier Show Carrier Racing pigeon Dove Loft Carrier How to build

In this tutorial we will show you carriers made by the pros Follow along so your birds travel in style. We are long ways from world war 2 pigeon carriers, but the basics haven’t changed. There are 4 simple rules still, You need: A Holy box A Food Container Water container and your unique loft name That’s It! A great example, Jimmie Price showing his custom hand made luxury pigeon carrier.

As you can see the birds are placed inside, the cover slides closed the birds have a lot of air and even different coloured cups for food and water. Here are a few king pigeons comfortably inside there traveling palace Ready to go home. There are many types of carriers but they all serve the same goal. You want the best carrier for your type and size pigeon. Some carriers are for long distance, some are for short travel.

But whether for show or for a pigeon race, made from aluminum or wood you want the best for the birds to travel safely and happily. So start building your pigeon carrier today. Enjoy the rest of the tutorial, and for more, Don’t Forget To Subscribe!.

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