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Container Apartment Plans

How to Grow an Easy Patio Apartment Container Garden for Beginners

Alright This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens . Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m here at my girlfriends house actually and many of you guys know that I helped her set up her very first garden and it’s sitting right next to me. This is the Aerogarden 7 LED. We actually have two tutorials on that so I’ll post the links down below. The first tutorial is just when we set it up. Actually she set it up, I didn’t even set it up and help out you know to let her know she can start to grow some food very easily. The second tutorial we did was basically an update on harvesting some herbs, how the Aerogarden has been growing for her, plus we made a really cool pizza soup recipe so I’ll put a link down below.

For that. So that being said since Lauren has been growing this for over two months now. She’s graduated. Yeah she’s graduated up to the next level. And this is what I want to encourage you guys to do you know. Many of you guys have gardened before, gardening probably longer than I’ve been alive. But I know there’s a lot of you guys that maybe have never grown anything in your whole life or cause you’re city folk right? And that’s alright. I wanna let you guys know to start slowly. Start slowly, and then to graduate up and get more challenging to challenge yourself and to challenge your skills. You know much like when I was a youngster right, I didn’t start by riding a you know a two wheeled bicycle.

I started riding a tricycle right. Anybody could get on a tricycle and ride it and then I got on a bicycle with training wheels and was able to get on that and not fall over and ride. And then I got the training wheels off and don’t tell anybody, I fell over after the first time. But after a few times I got it and that’s how I want you guys to look at gardening. Start off easy. Start off with something like an Aerogarden. I mean, really all you gotta do is pay attention to the lights. The light comes on for water you water, the light comes on to add nutrients you add nutrients and boom you’re gonna be successful. So Lauren also has built up the confidence that yes I can do it its super.

Easy. And this is really cool. So what I’m gonna do in this episode is kinda take her up to the next level since she graduated from the dummy gardening with the Aerogarden. We’re gonna basically make a selfwatering garden for her that literally waters itself so she doesn’t have to worry about when to water when not to water she just basically fills up the reservoir but there’s no dummy lights on this one right. So as long as she can remember to top off the reservoir every couple of days so that you know it doesn’t run out of water it’s gonna grow great because we’re gonna set it up properly. And thats another thing that’s super important like the Aerogarden is a kit that’s all set up. They’ve done.

All the homework for you and they set up a you know container garden, a selfwatering garden like I’m gonna do now. You know we gotta get it set up properly and that’s why I’m here to help her out set it up properly so that literally all she needs to do is water it, keep it in the sun, and it’s gonna be growing a bunch of food for her to eat and for me to eat when I’m visiting her. So anyways lets go ahead and head out to the patio and show you guys this space we’re working with and also share with you guys how we’re gonna grow some food in a selfwatering container fort. So now we’re outside on Lauren’s patio and this is all the outside space that she.

Gets living in an apartment. I know many of you guys may be living in apartments or condos or places where you don’t have a yard you don’t have any direct access to the ground but you might have you know a little wooden deck area like she does here to grow some food in. Now this would not be my first choice for growing food if I lived in an apartment you know it might be fun to try to get your hands dirty to have some plants but you know for the most part you’re not gonna make a significant quantity of plants that’s gonna be feeding you. It’s kinda more like for fun, enjoyment, although if you did fill this whole area with plants I’m sure I could grow quite a bit of food but you know I don’t.

Know if she’s gonna allow me to do that. In fact we did get permission to grow two small containers gardens to start her off with to see how it goes. That being said if you do have an apartment looking to grow, don’t necessarily just automatically think I gotta grow outside. You know think first indoors like the aeroponics with the Aerogarden, that’s a really good way to kind of get some grow on, but even better than that in my opinion is growing something like sprouts or microgreens that you could easily do in your kitchen that you could grow a lot more quantity of that’s really gonna sustain and feed you. I mean I could start a tray of microgreens, you know today tomorrow the next day, and then.

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