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Conex House Cost

The incredible unfolding home a film about illys Push Button House tutorial

MUSIC PLAYING ADAM KALKIN: At the end, Iwant to close this thing. So you guys can maybe I’lltrap some of you guys in it. Because it’s pretty cool This has room for people? ADAM KALKIN: Yeah, you candefinitely get some people in it. Really?

ADAM KALKIN: Yeah. The basic shell islike a container, like a recycled container. We were originally going tobring the first push button house into the building,but they were having a lot of trouble ANDREA ILLY: Becauseof the size. ADAM KALKIN: Becauseof the size.

When did you debut the PushButton house for Illy? Is this the debut? ADAM KALKIN: I took the one fromArt Basel, and redid it. And shipped it to theVenice Biennale. Then we were going to bring itback here and we realized that there’s a huge elevator, butthe door coming out of the elevator is like So we couldn’t actually getit in the building.

ADAM KALKIN: We designed itspecifically for this space. So it does open and close. I’m Adam. JAMES ROSENQUIST: Adam what? ADAM KALKIN: Kalkin. JAMES ROSENQUIST: Hi, Adam. ADAM KALKIN: Adam Kalkin. Hi.

FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA: I’vebeen long interested in shipping containers asalternate dwellings. But this is amazing. ADAM KALKIN: Thank you. DREW NIEPORENT: So you actuallypress a button? ADAM KALKIN: You do press DREW NIEPORENT: And thewhole thing opens?

ADAM KALKIN: You dopress a button. The button is well hidden due tothe public nature of this. And the potential people running aroundwith a push button could be a little volatile. ADAM KALKIN: How high is thatshit off the ground? 34?

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