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Tony fernandes is the founder of air asia and air asiax, two airlines based in Malaysia offering flights across the whole of Asia, as well as to Europe and Australia. Starting an airline has been a lifelong dream for Tony Fernandes. The idea came to him when he was a boarding school but Epsom college in England.

How honestly did you get into this, cause you were in the music business to start off with? Well, the idea actually you know that I tell a story very often but I had the idea initially when I were sent to Epsom and school at school are you a call at my mother in saying try to come home for half term and she said I’m afraid is too expensive.

And within that few seconds i thought wouldn’t it be good to have a longhaul lowcost airline because they’re Asia initially wasn’t my first ever flight on Air AsiaX I refuse to do that launch to Australia and China I want a little bit odd I wanted my first flight to be London Kuala Lumpur and my daughters now are at Epsom college in II made to wait for me at.

My old house a haldeman and the i trace the journey the only difference was a seer Heathrow now its fans that was very emotional for me thirty five years on too sentimental only thing that issues this is about a sentimental journey starting a lowcost airline just because as a boy you had a a pang of distance well though I got that was obviously.

Crystallize the my thought remain in my thoughts when the music business fail to embrace the internet I thought it was game set match for the industry and I quit and not mine was gonna do and I went up to Luton Airport so people trying to pass money for nine pounds and price/book at that moment I said I’m gonna do this and you made yourself filthy rich in the.

Music business how do you had enough true to start a No really man I really wasn’t filthy rich I am I i started AirAsia with the princely sum of 250,000 pounds but them we were committed and we said you know i a simple Marty theory if you could make the Casa travel of what it is.

Has a huge enormous untapped market what’s the initial secrets low enough call so you fill the planes that sold a very simple equation that that is still the secret it doesn’t change I went up to the elements of it but having the lowest cost equals the lowest fares and it’s a classic economic theory you know reduce the price and the demand goes up.

And laps worked right from the start it guess I mean I think we created a revolution I’m people couldn’t believe they could fly out to Penang orkut a cannibal inborn your for the China figures that we were quoting but with economic development people want more and more choice and you know everyone in Asia.


Today on troop talk extreme airlift i know was 30,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea where air crews are learning to save lives as a turn the c17 applying will take you aboard I’m senior Airman Bobby filter we just.

Landed current down it’ll antilles i don’t flying training mission i’m going to show soon and Nicaragua and i’ll be showing you a united states air force deliver superior named captain Wayne caps on aircraft reach 620 this c17.

Behind me and we’re in lima peru with a group of Air Force reservist ok every day around the world Air Force and Air Force Reserve cruise flight giant c17 Globemaster threes carrying out one.

Of our military’s critical missions rapid global mobility today crews from Joint Base Charleston and the 315th airlift wing take you along to experience extreme airline wait over 500 85,000 pounds and almost.

Five stories tall the c17 is the backbone of America’s airlift capability and joint base charleston has lost four missions headed overseas to South America Central America and the Caribbean 650 miles from.

Home base in charleston callsign reach 967 has turned their aircraft into a flying i’m lieutenant colonel bill walsh when a troop is wounded in combat it’s vital to get that person off the.

Battlefield and medical attention fast this mission is called aeromedical evacuation a better known in the air force as araman their job saving lives I think it’s the future possibility when it out city crew and everyone that’s.

Involved in the process realized towards the steak incredible feeling to bring the men and women back home and get a plate to better care or to their family so it’s an incredible responsibility that it’s incredible reward.

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