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Cargo Containers Into Homes

Texas Flip and Move Converted Container Homes

[music playing] NARRATOR: Up for auctiontoday, something real unusual, four 20 footshipping containers. But there’s some smallprint that says whoever buys them has to take all four. People are loving takinga shipping container, turn it into a house, turnit into a weekend place, turn it into a hunting lodge.

Limitless. It is. It is so limitlesswhat you can do. Limitless. NARRATOR: Converting fourcontainers into two houses in just two weeks,it’s a big call, but at least the move is easy. Normally it’s the Snow sisters’brother Gary who’d do the move.

But because the cost of the movewas included in the purchase price, it’s the containercompany that’s brought the containers to the lot. The ground level ofthe container house will have a slidingdoor at one end, an open plan living and kitchenarea, and a small bathroom. A spiral staircasenext to the front door goes up to the top level.

Up here there’ll be a deckat one end, a bedroom, and at the otherend, a sitting area with a large picture window. [music playing] [bell] [bell] [bell] [bell]

[bell] [bell] [bell] The other two, we haveto get something done in two weeks for that buyer. Dad ain’t gonna like meout here doing building. He’s gonna want medoing the moving. Just two weeks.

I tell you, I’ve gotto the next best thing. We’ll bring in my girls. Hey. We’ll bring in Melinda,Page, Brooke, and Kendall, and let them design, andrenovate, and flip it. NARRATOR: So here’s their plan. Offsetting the two containerscreates space for a front door. Taking out most ofthe dividing wall

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