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Cargo Container Game

Saxxy 2016 The Ship Heist Payday2

Bain: Listen up, clowns! Bain: Today you’re stealing stuff from a cargo ship. Bain: Let me put on our client, he’ll tell you the details about this job. Patrick: Alright, gang. This ship you’re boarding right now has a really important cargo container i need you to identify and steal for me. Patrick: My sources indicate that the container has an quot;Infotecquot; label on it. Patrick: Your job is pretty simple: find the container, signal to me and i’ll send a helicopter. Patrick: One of you will have to attach the container to the grappling hook.

Patrick: And after that, all of us will go home. Patrick: Stealth is optional, but i need you to act quickly, because the helicopter obviously has a limited amount of fuel. Dallas: Let’s go! Patrick: I will try to help you as much as i can. Patrick: I’ve got an eye in the sky on you. Wolf: Get down on the ground! Wolf: And don’t get up!.

Patrick: As i can see you have found the container, but it’s on the bottom. Patrick: Hmm. Okay, i’m calling the pilot, we’re going to sort this out. Patrick: Here goes the alarm! I need one of you to climb up the containers. Patrick: There was a ladder somewhere nearby. Security Guard: Hey, you! Stop right there or i’ll shoot you! Chains: Light ’em up! Angel: The Big Bird has arrived, guys! Angel: Whoever’s running on top, i need you to attach the grappling hook.

Angel: I’ll get rid of the obstructing containers. Angel: Ah! Can somebody please kill that idiot? Angel: Get clear! I’m lifting this thing. Angel: Hold on, i’m turning around! Patrick: Hurry up, people! If these guys call for backup, we’re f@$%d. Angel: Okay, screw this, i’ll drop it wherever. Angel: I’m picking up the required container. Be ready to disembark! Bain: Wait, what?! I thought they were gonna use the helicopter as well!.

Patrick: No time. Patrick: Their masks, however, are modified for underwater action. Angel: See you at the shore, you amphibious bastards! Hoxton: Sweet Jesus! Patrick: Uhmm. Patrick: I think my sister will take care of all this.

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