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Building Raised Container Garden

So i wanted to make a raised garden bed and i made one of these about a year ago it’s a really simple project an easy project and you can do it in just a couple of hours it takes about this one took nine two by four by eights and they were the perfect length you can just cut a board in right in half and you have your four foot width and obviously you’ve got your eight foot length boards as well so I’ve got my daughter Addie here with me shes going to be helping with the garden this year and coming up in the tutorial I’ll.

Show you how i made this and as always check out my website at woodlogger where i’ll have more information about this project and other projects that I have going on in my shop So to get started with my raised garden bed I’m going to take three of my two by four by eights and cut them exactly in half I’ll measure out forty eight inches chop all three in half and those that will give me six end pieces so remember we’re making a box basically and on each end we’ll have three boards that.

Will be stacked on top of one another and then to sort of hold the pieces together i’ll have a total of six posts I could probably get away with four but I’m going to use six just to keep it from warping in the middle I’m going to want to cut that at a length of about eleven and a quarter inches because my boards even though and if you’re new to woodworking you may not know this but a two by four is not actually two by four a two by four is actually one and three quarters by three and three quarters and I don’t fully.

Understand why that is there is nominal dimensions versus actual dimensions so you’ll want to pay attention to that when you’re measuring things out so in this case when I stack three of these on top of one another it’ll be a length of eleven a quarter inches so that’s why I’ll cut my four by fours in lengths of eleven and a quarter inches and I’m going to want six of those so I’m going to work on that next I’m going to use a miter saw to cut mine you could use a circular saw or just a hand saw really what ever you want.

This is going in you’re garden so it’s not some necessarily heirloom project okay so I’ve got all my boards cut I’ve got my four by fours as well as my two by fours all ready to go and I’ve started attaching the end pieces to my four by fours which will help anchor all that down so I’m going to stack three of these up on my four by fours and I’m attaching it with two two and half inch screws on each end I’m going to repeat this same process over and over all the way around so that I have.

All my boards attached okay so i’ve got all my boards attached for my raised planter bed and it’s looking pretty good the next I’m going to do and this kind of an optional step is that I’m going to attach a weed barrier across the top and when I flip it over it’ll be on the bottom It’s kind of an optional step you don’t need it if you’ve got great soil I think really all you need to do is make sure you’ve got any grass pulled up and turn the soil a couple times and it will just kind of mess together in my case.

I’ve got rotten soil and i had one of these beds once before and i’ve got another one in my back yard and this worked great anyways all you’ve got to do is cut this out with some scissors to the length you need and then use a staple gun to attach it you can use brad nails whatever it takes again this doesn’t have to be fancy and I’m going to work on that next all right so I’ve got my box all done I’ve got my weed barrier attached underneath and.

Accessible Wheelchair Elevated Raised Bed Container Garden from Start to Finish

This is john kohler with growingyourgreens today i have another exciting episode for you, Im going to be doing a garden install! You might be thinking John, if youre doing a garden install why are you outside Orange County Farm Supply? Well, thats because before any garden install you have to pick up the supplies and the stuff that youre going to be installing. So what were going to do today is actually I have a friend who is in a wheelchair so what were going to do is actually were.

Going to get her set up with garden that she can harvest and plant and everything from her wheelchair and the great people here at Orange County farm supply at 18:26 Chapman here in Orange California is going to be helping me out in supplying the potting soil and the different things so thats why Im here were going to pick up the potting soil and the plants. If you live anywhere here in the Southern California area Orange County Farm Supply is a great resource to have. I mean, this.

Is my stop to get the products i need to have a successful garden. so next what were going to do is were going to head inside Orange County Farm Supply and pick up the soil, the minerals, the trace minerals and some other good stuff to put in her garden. Oh, and dont forget, the plants too. So Orange County Farm Supply is open every day from 6am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Theyre open 6am to 4pm on Saturday and theyre closed Sunday. So this place started by actually selling farm supplies to the farmers.

In the area because this whole area, orange county was, guess what? what did they grow? Oranges! And now its mostly all residences and hardly any farmers left so while this place still does cater to farmers hey also sell to many homeowners and Ive slowly seen them expand their product lines and have more and more organics and these are the things that you want including things like the trace mineral supplementation for your soil that can be very hard to find and actually I learned about a new kind that theyre actually offering.

Here that im now using so i have to thank orange county farm supply for staying on top of all the latest products and providing them to you guys. So lets come inside and get some of these products to make a fabulous garden for my friend. Im so glad that Orange County Farm Supply has a whole wide variety of actually plant starts and also the soil that you need to get a garden going. So what I need to do first before I even start picking out the plants Ive got to get the soil. The soil to fill.

Your raised beds or your garden with is the most important thing by far and this is where you want to spend the most money on because the health of your plants is depending on the soil that youre planting them in so Im really glad they actually got some really good soil mixes that were going to go ahead and pick and put on this cart. Now were going to go ahead and pick out the potting soil. The potting soil can be very wide there are all kinds of potting soil, they got here, they got potting soil there,.

They got potting soil here and they also have garden soil and all kinds of different mixtures so depending on what youre going to do with the soil youre buying is the kind youre going to need. So were doing basically a raised bed but its going to be an elevated raised bed at wheelchair height to she can actually just reach over and harvest and plant and do everything she needs to do. So in that case for me a raised bed is more like a little container, its more like a pot, so thats what Im going to focus.

On today, its specifically picking out some potting soil instead of the garden soil which the garden soil youd actually enrich your garden beds with but were only going to use potting soil because its going to be a selfcontained growing medium for her. The basic difference is the potting soil is basically going to retain water just a little bit better by having some ingredients such as the peat moss, some coconut core, or things like the vermiculites. When picking out a potting soil one of the.

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